04-19 – Bringing Back Rivertown

Not that they’ve ever gone away, but it’s been far too long since we’ve had Rivertown Brewing Company on Cincy Brewcast, and it’s time to remedy that situation!  It’s fitting that at the same time they are not only on a absolute tear with not just new beers, but bringing back crowd pleasing favorites as … Continue reading 04-19 – Bringing Back Rivertown

04-18 – Figleaf, For Their Fans

It’s an fascinating growth story, that of FigLeaf.  A brewery that is trying to bridge the gap between Dayton and Cincinnati, fill a vacant hole in their location of Middletown, Ohio and start bringing beer people back to Butler County all the while navigating the waters of an increasingly busy craft beer market locally.  Growth … Continue reading 04-18 – Figleaf, For Their Fans

Episode 34 – Rivertown

In one of the most fortuitous guest bookings in the histroy of Cincy Brewcast, we are joined this week by Gamal Nagi, Director of Relationships and Ideation at Rivertown Brewing Co., hot on the heels of the announcement of Rivertown's major expansion to Monroe, Ohio. Gamal brings two of Rivertown's flagship beers, Soulless and Divergent, and Gnome brings Rivertown's fine collab with Embrace the Funk-Yazoo Brewing (Nashville, TN), Oro Agrio. Gnome also brings us the debut of Urban Artifact's "KickSled" Winter Beer! We also discuss the goings on in Cincy Craft in "This Week in Beer" and talk about the most "kid- and pet-friendly" tap room's in this week's "Asked and Answered".