• Alexandria Brewing Company And Hops Springs Farm
    It seems like every time we get to talk to Andy Reynolds from Alexandria Brewing Company he's a little bit closer to having a brewery. This episode is a big step with us joining him from inside the space that is becoming the new brewery and taproom. We were joined by Brad Martin (also from ABC) and Jake Heeb from a local hop farm (down the street from ABC) called Hops Springs Farm - we talked about what's going on in the process for Alexandria Brewing, we talked about starting a hop farm, we talked about the often turbulent craft beer community - and maybe most importantly... we drank a few beers and had fun!
  • Vol 03 - Episode 15 - Streetside's First Anniversary
    It's a celebration for the record books, Streetside turned one this weekend, and they did it with some beer releases that are going to turn a few heads in town. I was joined by Garret Hickey and Luke Shropshire to talk bout the last year, and the coming years as well as taste a few of their fun releases including their first ever barrel aged sour called "All In The Family". This is a Cincinnati Brewery that you need to keep your eyes on, they're doing some amazing things regardless of their young age or not.
  • Vol 03 - Episode 14 - Live From Listermann, The Return.
    It's been a while... but we're back! Jason Brewer, Dan Listermann, and later Jared Lewinski (all from Cincinnati Ohio's Listermann Brewing Company) join me and my guest co-host Chris Walker from the 'Have a Drink' show to talk about what's been happening with Listermann! The brewery looks like a completely different place since we were last there - and things seem to keep changing for the better. We'll figure out where they go next, and what's up with all these NE IPAs?
  • Vol 03 - Episode 13 - Live At Jungle Jim's Buckeye Beer Bash
    Joined by Craft Beer Joe from CraftBeerJoe.com - this show, live from Jungle Jim's Buckeye Beer Bash covered more topics than I can even remember... brewery closings, brewer job changes, beer releases, anniversary parties, bottles, cans... everything that is happening here in Cincinnati and beyond. It's a hell of a show, from a hell of a beer festival!
  • Vol 03 - Episode 12 - Bad Tom Smith and Brew City Beer Brats
    Bad Tom Smith's story is all about redemption - and I'm talking about both the famous criminal Bad Tom, as well as the brewery who has adopted his name. They are in the midst now of opening their second taproom (this one in Cleveland) as well as planning the opening of their new taproom here in Madisonville - so we talked about how they plan on doing so while doing things a little differently. To keep the party rocking, we were also joined by Chef Tony from Brew City Brats to talk about what they've got going on, including the always fantastic Brewer's Open Charity Golf Tournament that is planned for this fall.
  • Vol 03 - Episode 11 - The Mythical Unicorn - At Rivertown with Jason Roeper
    We finally made our way up to Monroe Ohio to sit down at the newly constructed Rivertown Production facility for a long overdue interview with owner Jason Roeper. We talked about how the brewery got started, and how their long journey has taken them from what they were then, to what they are now. It's a unique insight to what makes a place like Rivertown possible in Cincinnati and well beyond. Live from the barrel room... it's a fantastic show!
  • Vol 03 - Episode 10 - The Athens Brewcast - Solar Panels Everywhere!
    In what has become a yearly tradition for the show, I took a road trip out to Cincinnati's Cousin of a city, Athens for a show with every brewery that calls the town home. In honor of 2017's Ohio Brew Week, Rick Armon from the Ohio Beer Blog joined me with Brad Clark, Cameron Fuller and Sean White to talk about the stories that make beers special - what is that secret formula that makes craft beer even more special? Spoiler - It's not always just about what's in the glass.
  • Vol 03 - Episode 09 - Blue Melvin is the Cure For The Lost Show Blues
    This weeks show is an "apology" - The show that was supposed to be uploaded is lost in the digital ether, so I dug into the vault to grab the audio from a live Facebook stream that I did with Jesse Folk from GCCBS before the Blue Melvin bottle release. The content is great stuff, and I hope it makes up for the hiccup this week. If you've been curious about this legendary beer from Fifty West and Quaff Brothers - all the info you desire is right here!
  • Vol 03 - Episode 08 - Moerlein and Friends, Maisel and Friends
    It's a collaboration years in the works, and centuries in the making. Our very own Christian Moerlein Brewing Company is collaborating with Germany's Maisel and Friends for a pair of beers (one here, one there) that captures the spirit of tradition, and the fire of modern craft. We also sat down (during a very loud show)and talked to author Don Tolzman about what today's craft breweries might be able to learn from the beer barons of yesterday.
  • Vol 03 - Episode 07 - Braxton Labs, It's Braxton...But Very Different
    The second location for Braxton Brewing Company, called 'Braxton Labs' is about a lot more than just opening a second space. It's a smaller taproom - a smaller brewhouse - and an entirely new culture and opportunity for a team that already loves and desires to innovate. I sat down with Evan Rouse and Jonathan Gandolf to figure out what it all means for the Braxton of today, and the Braxton of tomorrow.
  • Vol 03 - Episode 06 - Buyouts And Longshots
    I was joined by a panel of esteemed guests (Justin, Amie and Mike) to talk about a lot of big topics. We were tasting some beer from the Sam Adams Longshot competition, and got onto the topic of Wicked Weed and their sale to AB-Inbev. What makes this buyout hurt so much for drinkers? Does it even matter? Is it really just about how the beer tastes? Big Beer Buyouts are hot topic... so we tackle it all!
  • Andy Sparhawk - American Craft Beer Week
    It's a special "mid-week" edition of Cincy Brewcast - I sat down for a quick interview with Andy Sparhawk from the Brewer's Association to talk about American Craft Beer Week, and why even now with more than 5000 breweries in the US it's more important than ever. Learn a little bit about the event, and "Beer It Forward" with this Special Edition of the show!
  • Vol 03 - Episode 05 - The Culture Of Innovation
    I joined Dave Dixon and Jon Covey of Braxton Brewing Company's Innovation Team to talk a little bit about moving from a small scale (homebrewing) to a bigger commercial scale of brewing. It's a show about creativity, innovation, and instilling that culture in all aspects of a commercial brewery. It's a fantastic peek behind the brewing curtains to see what makes it all happen!
  • Vol 03 - Episode 04 - Sessionable, Flavorful, Live, from Wooden Cask
    I have been trying to sit down with Wooden Cask's Randy Schiltz for a long time, and it was worth the wait for sure. Technical difficulties aside, we got to dig in to the brewery, and what makes it all so special in an increasingly crowded Cincinnati craft beer scene. We talked about where Randy came from, why he started Wooden Cask, and a little bit about why he does things the way he does!
  • Vol 03 - Episode 03 - March First Brewing, They Do Exist!
    The rumors have been flying, the mystery deeply shrouding the newly opened March First Brewery. I sat down with the folks behind this one of a kind Cincinnati project to prove once and for all - It exists! They've got plans to do some really fantastic things for the brewing and distilling scene here in Cincinnati and we do what we can to get to the bottom of it all. Huge Thanks to Shae and Garret for making the time to sit down with me!
  • Vol 03 - Episode 02 - It's a New England IPA Extravaganza! NEIPA MADNESS!
    I sat down with Craft Beer Joe from CraftBeerJoe.com to talk about all things NE IPAs. We had a nice selection from around town to see if we could figure out what really makes this style tick - or if it's even a style at all. We talked about the upcoming can release at Streetside Brewing Company (which you can hear on episode 01 of Volume 3. It's a show that's live from the depths of the Gnarly Gnome Tavern - Big thanks to Craft Beer Joe!
  • Vol 03 - Episode 01 - Suh Brah - Streetside's What's Suh!
    For their first packaged release, a can of their NE IPA called "Suh, Brah?", We couldn't think of another way to celebrate than to join Streetside Brewing in Cincinnati, Ohio for a live brewcast. I sat down with Garret and Luke for an exploration of the style, and why they would choose it for their first release. We also got a glimpse into where they are steering the brewery as it rounds the halfway point in it's first year.
  • Vol 02 - Episode 41 - Meet Brink Brewing - Welcome Back Brewcast!
    Let's see if we still know how to do this whole podcast thing... after a short hiatus from the world of becoming a Dad, the Gnome's back with Brink Brewing Company. We needed to get to know this brewery after they've created quite the buzz around town around their grand opening last month. We tried the beers, we talked about the origins of the brewery and we got to the bottom of what exactly they are on the Brink of in College Hill. We're back, folks!
  • Vol 02 - Episode 40 - Visiting Dogberry, The second!
    It seems like it's been a very long time coming, but DogBerry Brewing has equipment in their new brewery finally! I sat down with owners Chris and Tony to talk about the growth of West Chester's Nano Brewery, and to talk about all the things that are going on in Cincinnati's growing craft beer scene. We talked about it all - and drank a few beers too!
  • Vol 02 - Episode 39 - Live at the Jungle Jim's Barrel Aged Beer Bash
    We were live at Jungle Jim's to talk all things barrel aged beer at the Barrel Aged Beer Bash. What makes a grocery store put together a festival all about barrel aged beers? It's all part of what Jungle Jim's does, and we explored it all! We were also joined by Jason Brewer from Listermann, and even ventured a little bit North to try some warped wing beers. Raging Hop even makes an appearance in an action packed show!
  • Vol 02 - Episode 38 - The Intersection of Streetside and The Brewcast
    This week's episode finds the Gnome sitting down in the new 'Streetside' Brewery to chat with owners Garret Hickey, and Kathie Hickey, as well as lead brewer Luke Shropshire to find out what makes this place tick. We discuss what drives them to make their NE style IPAs, their barrel aged goodies, sour beer - and what it all means for the overall vision of what Cincinnati beer is becoming.
  • Vol 02 - Episode 37 - Welcome To The Jungle Jim's Tasting Bar!
    The Gnome is joined by Ferdinand, and Jared from Jungle Jim's Fairfield for a journey not just into the upcoming Barrel Aged Beer Bash, but into the story of Jungle Jim's. What makes a tasting bar in the back of a grocery store become it's own destination? How do you make a growler fill station become the "local bar" for so many people? We attempt to answer these questions, and many more!
  • Vol 02 - Episode 36 - A Very Wild Christmas
    If you're going to celebrate Christmas, and Christmas/Holiday beer here in Cincinnati, there are few places that you can do it better than Urban Artifact. I was joined by Scotty Hunter and Bret Kollmann Baker to see if I couldn't find out why they are the temple of Holiday Beers here in the city. We drank... we were merry... it was an awesome show! The 12 beers of Christmas are alive and well... and on Cincy Brewcast!
  • Vol 02 - Episode 35 - The Rainy Day Brew Day - with Alexandria Brewing and Brewers Buddy
    It's cold... it's rainy... but we're making beer. It's a show about homebrewing, while homebrewing. A show about drinking, while making drink. Join us around a table, in a first for the Brewcast, a show recorded in the rain. Why not? The Gnome is joined by Andy Reynolds from Alexandria Brewing Company and Eric Tanner from Brewer's Buddy for the latest episode.
  • Vol 02 - Episode 34 - Rhinegeist, Maybe You've Heard Of Them?
    It's been a long time coming, but we are finally sitting down with a little brewery in Cincinnati called Rhinegeist. Head brewer Jim Matt gave me a few minutes of his time to explore a few beers, explore some history of the brewery and to finally figure out what this place is all about. It's a great look behind the scenes at a place that we've all heard of - Rhinegeist.
  • Vol 02 - Episode 33 - The Return To The Old Firehouse
    It's been a LONG time since the last brewcast from The Old Firehouse, and a lot has changed, although - so much has also stayed the same. There is something very special about the way owners Adam and Lori do things in Williamsburg, and it all starts with the fantastic beer that head brewer Ben Ramsey is brewing. We talk about it all!
  • Vol 02 - Episode 32 - The Big Cis Brewcast - Live at Braxton
    Mike started this show with a goal of bringing craft beer news, tastings, and interviews to people via their digital airwaves. He asked me to come on board, and I said yes without a moments hesitation. I didn't know then how great of a friend he would become to me, and this craft community. We lost him this summer and this show stands as a dedication to him, and all that he started with Cincy Brewcast.
  • Vol 02 - Episode 31 - The Barrel Aged Brewcast - On Location At MadTree
    Join us as we explore anything and everything barrel aged. We sat down at the wonderful MadTree brewing, deep in the heart of their barrel warehouse for a show that couldn't happen anywhere else. What does it mean to barrel age something, and why in the world would you do it? We explore the magic of the process.
  • Vol 02 - Episode 30 - Live From Great Crescent In Aurora
    They are one of the hidden gems of the Cincinnati Beer scene, Great Crescent has been pumping out some delicious beer here in this city for longer than most of our craft breweries. Knowing that there were still a lot of people who didn't know about them, and know about their story, the Gnome ventured out to the western boundaries of Cincinnati to bring it to your ears! Next step... get your butt out to the brewery to try it for yourself!
  • Vol 02 - Episode 29 - From The 19th Hole - The Brewer's Open
    After a long day of golf, the Gnome sat down in the loudest room we've tried to record a show in to date. He quickly chatted with some of the people in the room like Jonathan Gandolf from Braxton, Brian Yavorsky from Figleaf and Tony Meyer from Dogberry. Of course, we grabbed show friend Chef Tony to talk about how he put an event like this together too. Loud show... Short show... give it a listen!
  • Vol 02 - Episode 28 - The Year of Urban Artifact - Live at Cappy's
    We finally got the chance to do a show from the now legendary Cappy's, and found ourselves sitting at a table with Bret Kohlman Baker and Scotty Hunter from Urban Artifact. What will make 2017 "The Year Of Urban Artifact" according to the guys? Lots of beer... lot's of barrels... no loss of "weirdness". Tune in to hear about some of the tons of stuff they have planned... let your weird flag fly.
  • Vol 02 - Episode 27 - Blank Slate, The Biggest Thing In Cincy Craft
    It's our first time doing a show from the Blank Slate taproom, and we did it on the very first wednesday they were open. We talked to owner and head brewer Scott LaFollette about how things are going, and explored where they might be headed in the future. In a busy, and quickly changing craft beer community, how does a place like Blank Slate still remain so relevant to fickle drinkers?
  • Vol 02 - Episode 26 - Light From The Darkness, Kickstarting Alexandria From Darkness Brewing
    It's almost like two shows in one! We sat down with Eric Bosler and Ron Sanders from Darkness Brewing, after all... we haven't talked to them since they opened their doors. We caught up with them, and drank some of their beer (of course) before being joined by Andy Reynolds from Alexandria Brewing Company. We wanted to get the scoop on the brewery's revised Kickstarter, and see what's new with their project.
  • Vol 02 - Episode 25 - An Evening of Eating, Drinking, You Know... Nine Gianting.
    Cincy Brewcast wandered over to Pleasant Ridge to sit down for a show we've been looking forward to for a long time, Nine Giant. We sat down with Mike Albarella, Brandon Hughes and Chef Zach Breedlove for a chat about what makes this Giant tick. We drank some beer, including their new wet hopped 'OSHY battled the pink robots' and we snacked on some of their amazing food. All the while we talked to them about why it all seems to work so wonderfully together.
  • Vol 02 - Episode 24 - Woodburn, It's Great To Meet You.
    Tina and the Gnome showed up on The Woodburn Brewery's doorstep with one mission, to figure out what makes them tick. They did that in the only way that they know how - by drinking their beer and talking with owners Chris Mitchell and Dennis Chacon. Covering topics from translating a German beer recipe to the big question of how many billions of dollars will it take to buy out their brewery, this show spans the gamut of conversation!
  • Vol 02 - Episode 23 - Finding Figleaf
    Venture north to an area of the Cincinnati craft beer scene that is much more than that - it's a bridge to our neighbors to the north, Dayton. The Gnarly Gnome sits down with FigLeaf Brewing Company to talk about their soon to open brewery and it's role in uniting the two communities. We get down to the nitty gritty - who are they, and what is this brewery really going to be like? Why should we all show up to drink their beer when they open this fall?
  • Vol 02 - Episode 22 - Relax, Don't Worry, Have Fun - At Fifty West
    The Gnarly Gnome set up shop this week with Blake and Bobby from Fifty West to talk all things Fifty Fest with the guys. The show started off, though with a discussion about Mike. After losing our fearless leader and show host last week, The boys from 50w managed to do a fantastic job talking with the Gnome about what he meant to the community, and to shaping what this show could be. It's a constant reminder to Relax, don't worry, and have fun. Beer is about something much bigger than all of this!
  • Vol 02 - Episode 21 - Night Marching Our Way Into Rivertown
    We somehow managed to not only sneak our way into Rivertown for their preview night for Night Marcher (a 100% Bret Fermented Tiki Dream) But also managed to get our microphones in with us. We sat down with the "Dream Facilitator" herself, Lindsay Roeper to talk about - well... everything. We were joined by Raging Hop to talk about more things than you can shake a tiki mug at. And we didn't even scratch the surface from this legendary brewery.
  • Vol 02 - Episode 20 - The Brewcast From The Brew Bus
    We loaded up our gear onto the Cincy Brew Bus, where we recorded on the bus, on the tour stops, and everything in between. Join us as we hopefully give you a glimpse into what it's like to take a Brew Bus tour on this Special Edition of Cincy Brew Bus!
  • Vol 02 - Episode 19 - Bad Ass Brew Week Wrap Up
    We talk The Gnarly Gnome's Visit to Devil's Kettle Brewing where he meets with Cameron Fuller as well as Head Brewer From Jackie O's Seth Morton and also with Sean White from the "award-winning" Little Fish Brewing and discusses Ohio Brew Week with Brandon Thompson as many of Ohio's craft brewers come together to celebrate in the iconic Home of Ohio University. We also recap the Bad Ass Beer Fest put on by Cincinnati's own Bad Tom Smith Brewing Company.
  • Vol 02 - Episode 18 - Brew Week, Meet The Brewcast!
    It's a long trip, but for some reason Athens still feels like home! Cincy Brewcast invaded the kickoff night of Ohio Brew Week to sit down with the city's three breweries. We got to together to see what makes each of them tick and to have a look into a beer scene that is in a lot of ways just getting started. We're joined by Brandon Thompson from Ohio Brew Week, Cameron Fuller from Devil's Kettle Brewing, Sean White from Little Fish, and Seth Morton from Jackie O's.
  • Vol 02 - Episode 17 - Cincinnati Burger Week 2016 With CityBeat And Braxton
    Burgers and Beer... They go together so perfectly! We sat down with Citybeat and Braxton Brewing to figure out why - and to talk about some of the great burger week events that are happening around town this week!
  • Vol 02 - Episode 16 - The Bottle Show
    A "bottle show" is a TV industry term which means that an episode of a scripted series takes place entirely on the main set of the show, without any location shooting, additional sets, guest actors or extras. That is what we bring you on this edition of Cincy Brewcast. We've spent the last couple of weeks running all over Cincinnati (Incline Public House, Paradise Brewing) doing "On Location" and "Cincy Brewcast LIVE" programs. We felt that this was the time to take a brief respite and get back to our "roots"--just Tina, Mike and The Gnome--tasting and talking beer--and other things from the "friendly confines" of the CBC studios high atop Mt. Carmel. We talk Mike's brief weekend trip to "Beer City USA", Asheville, NC and taste selections from Appalachian Brewing in Boone, NC and the famous Greenman Brewing in Asheville. We also try the "FC Cincinnati" Blood Orange IPA from Christian Moerlein. We also discuss and take (with one abstention) the online "Would You Rather" Cincinnati Beer quiz which popped up on WCPO.com's #9beer website this week, and sit for this week's edition of "Asked and Answered's" "The Lightning Round". We wish we could "bottle" this one and sell it!
  • Vol 02 - Episode 15 - Wrapping Up Beer Week
    We wrap up our exciting week of shows for Cincinnati Beer Week 2016 at Paradise Brewing Company in Anderson. We were joined by Eric from Brewer's Buddy and Andy from Alexandria Brewing Company, and of course Jeff Graff from Paradise Brewing. We had a big conversation that ranged in topics but all centered around what we all love - BEER! It was a great show, and a fitting 'Live' end to a great Cincinnati Beer Week!
  • Vol 02 - Episode 14 - The Women Of Cincy Craft
    In this, our CBW 2016 "special edition", we visit Incline Public House in East Price Hill's Incline District for our "Women in Cincy Craft" episode. We are joined by Chris Nascimento, Cincinnati Beer Week 2016 board member and our star-studded panel of women in the Cincinnati craft beer movement: Kim Eddy, craft beer enthusiast and former brewer for AB/Budweiser, Betty Bollas, co-founder of the Fibonacci Brewing Company in Mt. Healthy, Kat Finn, founder of Cincinnati "Girls Pint Out", Monica Bowles and Kaycie Coy, co-founders of the "People, Pints, Purpose" craft beer Facebook group, Jane Hamilton, craft beer manager and co-GM of Marty's Hops and Vines, 6110 Hamilton Avenue and Lindsey Roeper, "Dream Facilitator" from Rivertown Brewing Co. It's a lively and wide ranging discussion--from "mansplaining" to sexism, beer names and labels and how all of these fine ladies got started in craft beer in the first place--on this special edition of Cincy Brewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft"!
  • Vol 02 - Episode 13 - Cincinnati Beer Week 2016 KickOff!
    It's finally here! Time to Geek Out! Cincinnati Beer Week 2016, in it's fifth big year has moved to summertime from it's former mid-winter time slot and Cincinnati's craft brewers have treated us with 5 summery styles to slake our hearty summer thirst. Joining us to talk about it are Chris Nascimento, CBW 2016 board member, special guest host Eric Bosler from Darkness Brewing, Colin Michael Ryan, assistant brewer at Blank Slate Brewing and Gamal Nagi, Director of Relationships and Ideation at Rivertown Brewing. The beers? Well, like the events of CBW 2016 (which you can find out all about at www. cincinnatibeerweek.com or in the latest edition of CityBeat magazine), there's something for everyone--From the mellow maltiness of "Birds and the Bees" to the tangy sharpness of "Fruits of our Labor", from the pleasant sweetness of "Nectar" to the earthy tang of "Saison d'513" and the refreshing yet complex "Over/Under" (the only packaged selection of the 5), Cincinnati's craft brewers did themselves proud. We also talk about some charity events coming up during Brew Week and also run our panel through the "Lightning Round" where we get their opinion on everything from the NBA Finals to Father's Day...all on this edition of Cincy Brewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft"!
  • Vol 02 - Episode 12 - Groundbreaking Journalism?
    It's two shows within a show this week on Cincy Brewcast. The first half we dedicate to news that happened on recording day--the groundbreaking for the new Rivertown Brewing Company brewery in Monroe, Ohio. We went out to Monroe and captured the sounds of the groundbreaking including interviews with Jason and Lindsey Roeper and Gamal Nagi and also with Monroe's Mayor and City Manager. Then, we turn the other half of the show over to our friend Tony "Chef Antonio" Lange from Cincy Beer Brats with the announcement of a new charity event he has developed the inaugural "Cincinnati Brewers Charity Golf Classic, benefiting Prokids". The event takes place October 3, 2016 with registration happening now at http://www.brewersopen.com. We also go through a list of our upcoming shows (there's some big stuff coming up) all on this all-new edition of Cincy Brewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft"!
  • Vol 02 - Episode 11 - On Location At Hamilton's Municipal Brew Works
    Our run of "big" shows continues as we visit our old friend Sean Willingham at his new brewery, the stunning Municipal Brew Works in Hamilton, Ohio's Old Municipal Building (which at one time housed the Hamilton Fire Department, Police, City Offices, SWAT team--there's even an old jail on the 4th floor!). We also make new friends in two of Sean's partners, Jim Goodman (who joins us on the program) and Mark Jackson. We talk the building's history, what the "oops" moments were (black smoke and a spilled beer!) and how it feels for a lifetime dream to be realized. We taste the delicious "Approachable Blonde" Ale, "Courageous" Wheat IPA and "Batch 001" (so new it doesn't have a name!) Rye Pale Ale. We ask Sean and Jim "Baseball or Football?" and "What's in your beer fridge?" and so much more on this special "On Location" edition of Cincy Brewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft"!
  • Vol 02 - Episode 10 - LIVE - Dogberry Expands! Nano No More!
    This week we visit West Chester, Ohio and the small but powerful Dogberry Brewing Co, owned and operated by Tony Meyer and Chris Frede. During our LIVE program, we help them announce their upcoming move and expansion. We discuss with Tony and Chris the reasons behind the big move, including the location that is much closer to the growing West Chester entertainment and shopping district, the tenfold expansion to a 10 barrel brewhouse and why the time is right to make the move this year. We taste through some of their delicious beers and also talk about Dogberry's participation with Listermann, Madtree and Urban Artifact on the only Cincinnati Beer Week Collaboration beer that will be packaged--Over/Under Amber Lager aged with mulberry wood. All that and so much ore on an all-new LIVE edition of Cincy Brewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft"!
  • Vol 02 - Episode 9 - Getting 'RAW' With Samuel Adams Beers
    In a "big" show that has been a long time coming, we are featuring The Boston Beer Co. and sampling some of their fine Samuel Adams beers. They are (if you didn't already know) a big part of Cincy Craft--they brew on a large scale out of the former Hudepohl Brewery in OTR. We are joined from Boston by Jennifer Glanville, the Director of Brewery Projects for The Boston Beer Co., who tastes along with us on a range of Sam Adams offerings. The first is the new limited-release in BBC's highly successful "Rebel" IPA series, "Rebel Raw" a big 10.0% ABV Double IPA. We also taste through a Samuel Adams classic, Double Bock and the entire Samuel Adams "Nitro Project" line; the IPA, the White Ale and the delicious Coffee Stout. We also discuss the culture of BBC with Jennifer, including what it's like to straddle the line between "big" and "craft" brewing and the one thing most folks don't know about Samuel Adams, but need to. We also discuss happenings in Cincy Craft like our next big "LIVE" appearance at Dogberry Brewing in West Chester this Friday at 7:30 PM EDT (Join us in person at the brewery or LIVE on Periscope TV, Google Hangouts on Air and Facebook Live), tantalizing social media posts from Nine Giant and Municipal, yet another festival from Braxton, The Taste of Cincinnati and much more on this all new edition of Cincy Brewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft".
  • Vol 02 - Episode 8 - American Craft Beer Week, From The Gnarly Gnome Tavern!
    The gang has left the Gnarly Gnome alone, deep inside the Gnarly Gnome tavern to run the show by himself. Panic? The Gnome? Never... he calls on Blogger-friend Raging Hop to help make sense of all the American Craft Beer week info, and to drink a few beers from the safety of the subterranean shelter. They drink, they talk, they listen to a few interviews... they might get in trouble? Anythings possible on this episode of Cincy Brewcast!
  • Vol 02 - Episode 7 - ...Cincy Brewcast Selects..
    On this program, we revisit our 2015 Cincinnati "Craft Draft", (Vol 1, No 6) and man, is it strange. We look at what we selected, what we put in, what we left out and, and maybe most importantly, what we would replace. Our 24 tap selections (plus our 6 beer "Taxi Squad") is for sure a snapshot of the early days of Cincy Brewcast and just how much the Cincinnati craft beer scene has changed in just one short year. We also discuss the latest in beer news, including an opening date for Nine Giant, real action at Madtree 2.0, what we did over the weekend--and we drink beers from Mt. Carmel, Jackie O's and Mayflower Brewing Co, (Plymouth, MA) on this all-new edition of Cincy Brewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft".
  • Vol 02 - Episode 6 - A Pils For What Ales You - Cincy Brewcast's Pilsener-Palooza 2016
    Not feeling well? Have the "blahs"? The Craft Beer doctors at Cincy Brewcast prescribe "Pils For What Ales You" and suggests some quality "down time" at Pilsener-Palooza 2016. Yes it's that time of year when the skirts get shorter, the days get longer and the beer gets lighter and colder. But don't think you have to settle for the "watery grave" of mega-brewed adjunct-fests. Your intrepid Cincy Craft brewers are putting delicious summer beers on the shelves and in their taps for your Vernal enjoyment. We taste offerings from 50 West, Christian Moerelin, Taft's Ale House, Braxton, Ei8ht Ball and Athens, Ohio's Jackie O's (an honorary member of Cincy Craft) and offer a brief history of the style, first brewed in the 1840's as a reaction to the bad beer offered the citizens of Pilsen! We also have some discussion of the upcoming explosion of craft beer breweries in Cincinnati (Darkness, Nine Giant and Municipal all coming online in the next month, with Woodburn not far behind) and much more, including a brief rundown of upcoming programs on Cincy Brewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft"!
  • Vol 02 - Episode 5 - Issues And Answers
    In a show that hearkens back to some of our earliest days, yet utilizes some new and generally untested technology (at least to us) it's a two- man show as Mike and The Gnarly Gnome sit and "shoot the bull" about Cincy Craft. The Gnome joins us remotely from "The Gnarly Gnome Tavern" via Google+ Hangouts. Mike drinks Braxton's 1st anniversary beer, Yesterday's Headlines Kiwi Berliner Weiss and Gnome has a Rhinegeist "B Side" IPA. We talk about some issues and happenings in Cincy Craft, including expansion at Madtree and 50 West, Labels at Rivertown, new breweries getting closer to opening and much, much more.
  • Vol 02 - Episode 4 - Nano And Proud Of It, LIVE! At Fibonacci Brewing
    Cincy Brewcast joins Mt Healthy's own Nano Brewery, Fibonacci Brewing to explore why owners Bob and Betty Bollas are so proud to be nano. They are nearing a year, and still have the distinction of being Cincinnati's newest craft brewery. We sit down with them, along with a live audience to drink the beer, meet the people and help spread a little bit more of the "voice of Cincy Craft"
  • Vol 02 - Episode 3 - "Gettin' Quizzy WIth It" - Jonathan Klein Of Cincy Beer Quiz
    Tonight we have a really cool show--the Cincy Brewcast crew matches wits with Jonathan Klein, the quiz-master from the all-new "Cincy Beer Quiz", which will hold its inaugural event at Braxton Brewing Co. in Covington on Wednesday, April 27 from 7-9 PM. Jonathan brings us questions from categories such as "Beer in Music", "Hops 'n' Health" and many more. Some of the answers will surprise you and all the questions asked by Jonathan tonight will be asked at the live event at Braxton (hint, hint). Tina then turns the tables on Jonathan and asks some questions of her own. We also drink some delicious beers including the all-new collaboration between Madtree and the Cincinnati Flower Show, "Hortense" saison brewed with Nasturtium flowers and cucumber, Rhinegeist's "Peach Dodo" gose flavored with peaches, Madtreee's "Are You Ready for Some Darkness" BA Imperial Stout and from Heavy Seas (Baltimore, MD) the "20 Year Storm" BA ESB. It's a fun-filled "quiz show" (complete with the "Match Game" theme song!) on this edition of Cincy Brewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft"!
  • Vol 02 - Episode 2 - First Anniversary Show!
    It's a first anniversary party on Cincy Brewcast! No, not ours, but three of the newest and fastest growing craft breweries in Cincinnati. First, we visit and do our show on location at Urban Artifact Brewery in Northside, where we are joined by co-founders Bret Kollman-Baker and Scotty Hunter. They discuss UA's first year in business and their upcoming First Anniversary party at the brewery on April 23. They will be having special beers, bands, food trucks and much more. Then, we revisit the big Anniversary party at Braxton Brewing Company last week--we talk to Jake and Evan Rouse, Richard Dube, Jonathan Gandolf, Dave Dixon and Lisa Graham, whose Brewhaus Dog Bones educational program received the inaugural "Trophy" Grant from Braxton. Finally, we sit down for a one-on-one interview with Kevin Moreland of Taft's Ale House on their busiest day--Reds Opening Day also is the day Taft's opened last year--so they obviously host a mega-party! Kevin talks about the year that was for Taft's, the fine "liquids" that come out of the old church on Race Street and what Taft's means to the OTR community--and vice versa. So sit back, relax, crack open a cold one, and enjoy this all-new episode of Cincy Brewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft"!
  • Vol 02 - Episode 1 - On Location From 50 West-ville with Blake And Bobby
    Our second year of Cincy Brewcast begins with an excellent episode where we finally meet with the guys from 50 West Brewing Co. Co-owners, Head Brewer Blake Horsburgh and CEO Bobby Slattery sit down and talk about all things 50 West--their brewing philosophy, the quest for excellence in both experience and product, their planned expansion to increase production for both distribution and package and so much more. There are, of course, several great beers involved, including the "State Lines" American-style lager (an in-house controversy, we were told) the "Done in a Day" DIPA, one of the best Double IPA's ever issued from a Cincinnati brewery and a new variant of their hyper-popular "Coffee Please" Stout--this time with Mexican Churro flavorings. There is also some "Asked and Answered" action, courtesy this week of Tina where she asks Blake and Bobby pressing questions that you wanted to ask--and maybe some stuff you didn't need to know about Blake, Bobby, Tina and Angie's days at Ohio University! So join us for this extra-fun and exciting edition of Cincy Brewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft."
  • Vol 01 - Episode 52 - A Legend Reborn - Wiedemann Brewing
    We are proud to offer, as our 52nd episode--yes, it's been a year folks--our talk about the relaunch and resurgence of Cincinnati-area "heritage" beer brand George Wiedemann Brewing Co. We are joined by the driving forces behind their resurgence--and their big Kickstarter campaign--John Newberry (Owner and Founder), his wife Betsy and brother Doug. We talk about the importance of heritage brands to the future of craft beer, the entry into a crowded market and the built-in marketing importance of a brand that is over 100 years old. We also try a couple of Wiedemann's beers (currently being brewed at Cellar Dweller Brewing in Morrow): their Royal Amber Dortmunder Lager and the especially tasty "Special Bock". We are also honored to be selected again by Urban Artifact Brewing to debut their "Otso" Double Tart Brown w/Coffee. A busy show and a great conversation with Wiedemann Brewing Co. on this edition of Cincy Brewcast, "The Voice of CIncy Craft!"
  • Vol 01 - Episode 51 - LIVE! The Pleasant (Ridge) Hour
    In this program we are appearing LIVE at The Overlook Lodge (A Rustic Watering Hole) in Cincinnati's up-and-coming Pleasant Ridge neighborhood. This "bedroom community" for skilled labor at former Cincinnati industrial stalwarts such as Milacron, LeBlond, GE Aircraft and more has fallen on some hard times--but visionary business people like Overlook's founder and owner Jacob Trevino are betting that with a younger, more urban-oriented population and staunch residents who have seen "P-Ridge" through some tougher times, the neighborhood is set for a return to former glory. Joining Jacob (or did Jacob join them?) are old friends Mike Albarella and Brandon Hughes from Nine Giant Brewing, which will be opening in just the next couple of months two doors down from Overlook Lodge! Nine Giant is getting closer to presenting their fantastic beers to the Greater Cincinnati area and we give you a preview on this program. Plus, the Overlook Lodge is known for it's love of films and trivia, so Mike cooked up a short "Drinking in Film" trivia quiz--you'll find out the surprise winner on this edition of Cincy Brewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft!" (photo courtesy: Yelp)
  • Vol 01 - Episode 50 - Gotta Catch 'em All - -Breweriana With BCCA
    Tonight we are joined by members of the Queen City Chapter of the Brewery Collectibles Club of America ahead of their 40th Annual "Luck 'o' The Irish" memorabilia exhibition and trading event, taking place at the CVG Airport Mariott Hotel on March 17th, 18th and 19th. "Beer Dave" Gausepohl, Steve Kirschner and Doug Groth bring collectible items from 1950's style quart beer cans, 1930's era beer serving trays, glassware and more from great Cincinnati brewers of the past like Burger, Bruck's, Hudepohl, and more. They also discuss the impact that beer can collectors have had on the craft beer movement--they buy craft beer from around the nation and somewhat accidentally become experts not only on the cans themselves, but the beers inside as well. They than spread these craft beers around the nation in a very organic "seeding" of craft beer around the nation Plus we talk about Mt. Carmel Brewing's taproom expansion, events surrounding the upcoming "Funk Series" from Madtree, new packaging fro Christian Moerlein and so much more on this edition of Cincy Brewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft"!
  • Vol 01 - Episode 49 - On Location - The 2016 Cincinnati Beer Week Collaboration Draft
    Join Cincy Brewcast for all the pageantry and excitement of the 2016 Cincinnati Beer Week Collaboration Draft. The 21 participating Cincinnati craft breweries combine to create 5 teams which will brew 5 different 2016 CBW collaboration beers. We cover it all, from the relay race to determine the draft order, the picks themselves and the commentary on their choices from the brewers themselves. We interview Patrick Gilroy from Listermann, Chris Siegman from Mt. Carmel and Scott LaFollette from Blanks Slate, just to name a few. So sit back, relax and enjoy one of our most fun shows to date, on Cincy Brewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft"!
  • Vol 01 - Episode 48 - Bockfest, OTR And You!
    In this week's edition of Cincy Brewcast, we step into history as we record at the Christian Moerlein "Malthaus" Taproom on Moore St. in Over the Rhine to talk all things "Bockfest, 2016". We are joined by Steve Hampton of the OTR Brewery District Development Corp., the keepers of the Cincinnati Bockfest tradition, which will be having it's 24th renewal on March 4th, 5th, and 6th in and around Over the Rhine in downtown Cincinnati. Steve tells us what to do and see at this staple of Cincinnati festivals. He also talks about how the festival--and Cincy Craft--is helping to re-imagine this iconic Cincinnati neighborhood. We are also joined by Tom Hall, Head Brewer at the Moerlein "Malthaus" Production Brewery, who brings us Moerlein "Emancipator" Doppelbock, and discusses the celebration of Moerelin Brewing's 12th anniversary this coming weekend (Feb. 26), and Jake Rouse, co-founder of Braxton Brewing Co., who brings brother Evan Rouse's award-winning "Ignitor" Maibock and talks about Braxton's 1-year anniversary celebration, coming up on March 26, 2016. Both "Emancipator" and "Ignitor" will be available at Bockfest, along with specialty beers (mostly Bock styles) from over 18 of Cincinnati's craft brewers. It's a fun show with fun people in an historic location on this edition of Cincy Brewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft"!
  • Vol 01 - Episode 47 - 3 Guys, Ei8ht Ball-LIVE!
    Join us as the Cincy Brewcast crew invades Ei8ht Ball Brewing, at The Party Source in Newport/Bellevue, Kentucky. We are joined by "3 Guys"; Head Brewer Mitch Dougherty, The Party Source Craft Beer Manager and mastermind behind nomad brewery "Quaff Bros." Danny Gold, and Ei8ht Ball Taproom Manager and "Beer Ambassador" James "Peanut" Kahles. The guys tell us about Ei8ht Ball "from the beginning"--the impetus behind having a craft brewery as part of one of the largest adult beverage retailers in the nation, how the taplist developed and where it's going in the future and (maybe too much) about their unique branding (the story of which is worth listening to in and of itself)! We also taste though a wide representation of the 11-beer strong taplist, including classic offerings "Tarnished" Golden Ale, "Red Drink" Red IPA and "Prodigal" APA, and newer favorites like assistant brewer Vergil Ustick's "Yoga Pants" Black IPA, the delicious "Doppio" Coffee Porter, and Barrel Aged "Foursome" a big 16% ABV flavor-bomb Dark Fruit Quad brewed in collaboration with Nogne O. Brewing of Denmark. Another terrific show with more great Cincinnati brewers on Cincy Brewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft"!
  • Vol 01 - Episode 46 - The Godfather Of Cincy Craft - Mike Dewey From Mt. Carmel Brewing
    We are joined this week by "The Godfather" of Cincy Craft, Mike Dewey from Mt. Carmel Brewing Co. Over the past 10-plus years, Mike and co-founder and wife Kathleen have done it "their way". Mt. Carmel has stubbornly stuck to a strategy of slow growth when all around them has exploded, and they continue to offer a tap list of "core beers" when so many brewers often don't brew the same beer twice. Mike sits down and explains to us why this is, but also reminds us that MCBC is NOT stuck in the mud by bringing us two amazing offerings--"Sap Attack" Maple Infused Brown with maple syrup harvested from Cincinnati Nature Center and "Jack'd Frost"--the second installment in their new "Limited Release" series--it's Mt. Carmel's "Tastings.com" Silver award winning stout aged six months in a Jack Daniels barrel. Mike also joins us in tasting "Space Taxi Barrel #21" bourbon barrel-aged Belgian Dark with Sangiovese, one of the latest offerings from Donny Gold's Quaff Bros. Brewing. Mike discusses recent expansions in both the brew-house and taproom, plans for an expanded outdoor experience (including more paved parking!) on the MCBC property, Presidential politics, Cincy craft beer history and so much more on this very special Cincy Brewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft"!
  • Vol 01 - Episode 45 - "They Might be Nine Giant" With Mike Albarella And Brandon Hughes
    In this edition of Cincy Brewcast we meet Mike Albarella and Brandon Hughes, the brother-in-law team behind emerging brewery Nine Giant, in Pleasant Ridge, Ohio. We talk to them about their brewing philosophies, the unique qualities about their "P-Ridge" brewpub and what brought them to this point. We also get from them a fairly committal date for their spring debut! Head brewer Mike also brings along some samples for us to pull "From the Beer Fridge", including "Ess Eff" (SF?) California "Steam" Common ale, "This Beer is Named Brothers" Red Rye IPA, their take on Berliner Weisse, Saison, Schwarzbier, Barleywine and a few more. It's a very exciting program from a brewery that we feel will become a "Giant" in the Cincy Craft scene.
  • Vol 01 - Episode 44 - Live With Greg Hardman, Eric Baumann And GCCBS At Moerlein Lager House
    From the beautiful Moerlein Lager House in Smale Riverfront Park in Downtown Cincinnati, it's a very special Live edition of Cincy Brewcast. We are joined by the visionary Greg Hardman, who took a glorious, but dead name from Cincinnati's brewing heyday--Christian Moerlein--and turned it into a powerhouse of the modern craft beer movement in Cincinnati's exploding Craft Beer scene. We are also joined by the man charged with maintaining and expanding both the quality and repertoire of Christian Moerlein Brewing Company, Head Brewer Eric Baumann. We taste four of Moerlein's excellent seasonal brews--People's Pilsener, Crimea River Russian Imperial Stout, Plum Berliner Weisse and Shiver Chai Porter. Then we find out how the Lager House was the first element of the world-class Smale Riverfront Park, and Greg's story on how the plans for the Lager House came together in a weekend! Greg and Eric also break news on several new beers on the horizon for Moerlein, including the re-launch of the original recipe Christian Moerlein "Cincinnati Select Lager"--originally introduced by Hudepohl Brewing in 1981-- in celebration of this year's 500th anniversary of the German "Rhineheitsgebot" German beer purity law. Then, we are joined by Eddie Chimi and Chris Nascimento from the Greater Cincinnati Craft Beer Society for a discussion/debate on a wide-ranging selection of craft beer issues such as "National vs. Local" craft beer, Can "Big Beer" become "Craft Brewers" too, and should we even support craft brewers owned by major international beer corporations? There's lots of food for thought and great discussion on this week's special "Live" edition of Cincy Brewcast--"The Voice of Cincy Craft".
  • Vol 01 - Episode 43 - Madtree 2.0 With Jeff And Kenny
    In this special edition of Cincy Brewcast, we interview Madtree Brewing Company co-founders Jeff Hunt and Kenny McNutt. Along with third founder Brady Duncan, Jeff and Kenny have overseen Madtree's meteoric rise from a small warehouse on Kennedy Avenue to their just-announced $18 Million expansion to the former Rock-Tenn industrial site on Madison Rd. in Oakley, "Madtree 2.0". This wide ranging interview includes discussion of the plans for the expansion, including the 100 bbl brew system, 10,000 sq. ft. outdoor beer garden and "more restrooms than you would ever need"! We also talk the beers, including the upcoming can releases of Rubus Cacao and Identity Crisis and the elusive and enigmatic Madtree "Funk Series". All this plus "From the Beer Fridge" and extensive promotion of next week's LIVE show from Moerlein Lager House on this week's Cincy Brewcast--The Voice of Cincy Craft (Photo Courtesy of cincinnati.com, Madtree Brewing and Queen City Fresh)
  • Madtree Expansion August 2015
    Here is some audio from our August 24, 2015 edition of Cincy brewcast where Madtree Brewing Co.'s co-founder and head brewer Kenny McNutt speculates and even pre-sages some of the highlights of the expansion of Madtree Brewing Co, officially announced today, January 6, 2016.
  • Vol 01 - Episode 42 - The Craft Beer Resolution
    As we return to the "friendly confines" of the Cincy Brewcast Studios, high atop Mt. Carmel for our first show of 2016, we look ahead to the possibilities and the promise of a new year in craft beer. We taste what is very likely 2016's first new beer release in Urban Artifact's "Abacus" Cocao-Raspberry Gose; one of the top releases of late 2015 in Mt. Carmel's "Ice Cream Stout" (tasting just like Neapolitan Ice Cream!) and Anchorage Brewing Co.'s (AK) Galaxy White IPA with Brett. We also discuss both our craft beer "resolutions", highlighting The Gnome's article at http://www.thegnarlygnome.com and also some predictions for Cincy Craft in 2016 from the Cincy Brewcast team.
  • Vol 01 - Episode 41 - The Gnome Game At The Gnarly Gnome Tavern
    Mike invades "The Gnarly Gnome Tavern" for a "Gnome Game" with the "Man Who Is Synonymous With Anonymous". The big man ducks his head to get on the elevator that delves into the subterranean enclave where "The Gnome" hoards beers and writes his blog posts. We drink beers from Firestone Walker (Paso Robles, CA), Sonoma Brewing (Phoenix, AZ), The Unknown Brewing Co. (Charlotte, NC) and the Maine Beer Co. (Freeport, ME), talk the top "taproom beers" from Cincy Craft, the top "News" stories in 2015 and get geared up for what promises to be a huge 2016 on Cincy Brewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft".
  • Vol 01 - Episode 40 - The Holiday Spectacular!
    The Holidays are here and what better way to celebrate than with a smooth, complex winter ale from one of Cincy's premier craft breweries--and the "Voice" of Cincy Craft, Cincy Brewcast! We once again are live Braxton Brewing Company in Covington, KY, and we bring so many of our friends in Cincy Craft together--both on the show and through the contribution of wonderful craft beer items and memorabilia from Cincy's best breweries. The raffle and silent auction of those items go to benefit the children and programs of St. Joseph's Orphanage, providing housing, intervention, foster care and adoption services to Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky (to help St. Josephs Orphanage, visit http://www.stjosephorphanage.org). We are joined by Jake Rouse and Jonathan Gandolf from Braxton, Eric Bosler and Ron Sanders of Darkness Brewing, Lisa Graham of Brewhaus Dog Bones, Brian, Kathie and Garret Hickey from Streetside Brewing, Brandon Hughes from Nine Giant Brewing, John Bent from Seligman Distributing, Dave and Nina Volkman from Ohio Valley Hops and many more friends. We play a trivia game with The Gnarly Gnome, Tina Cisneros provides great commentary and her and Mrs. Gnome run the charity event and we taste 5 great beers from Braxton--the Snow Shovel Winter Warmer, the Auto German Style Dunkel, the Trophy: Galaxy Pale Ale, The Shop Talk Imperial IPA (collab with Widmer Bros.) and last bur not least, the outstanding Dark Charge BBA Imperial Stout. Settle in next to the fire with your favorite winter/Christmas beer and snuggle up to this very special edition of Cincy Brewcast--The Voice of Cincy Craft!
  • Vol 01 - Episode 39 - The Midnight Special
    As the clock ticks on, there's no rest for the Cincy Brewcast team as we pull together to get yet another episode out. This week, we're still sitting down with Steve Shaw from Cellar Dweller, Eric Bosler from Darkenss Brewing and Sean Willingham from Municipal Brew Works, only this time we're pouring a couple fun "Golden Stouts" to try. To keep our palates guessing, we also try some of Cellar Dweller's Blueberry Gose. To finish off our night, we dig a little bit into the craze that is UnTappd and it's effect on the brewers and beers we love, and we find out how things are going on the progress of Municipal Brew Works over in Hamilton, Ohio. It's a jam packed show... Cheers!
  • Vol 01 - Episode 38 - The Darkness From The Cellar
    This episode of Cincy Brewcast is kind of "up for grabs" as we welcome a well-established area brewer--Steve Shaw from Cellar Dweller Brewing at Valley Vineyards of Morrow, Ohio--and two from breweries that are coming online in the next few months--Eric Bosler, from Darkness Brewing in Bellevue, KY and Sean Willingham, from Municipal Brew Works in Hamilton, OH. We drink some terrific beers from all three, including a delicious Black IPA (Horse-Head Nebula from Darkness), an Oatmeal Milk Stout (Hopewell's, from Cellar Dweller), and a Belgo-Stout (as yet unnamed from Municipal). We also get down to business asking these brewers about their business, including distribution, the ongoing challenge of educating the public and service industry on craft beer, and what the future holds for their breweries, especially in the communities that they serve. So sit back, crack open a delicious craft beer and enjoy this edition of Cincy Brewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft".
  • Vol 01 - Episode 37 - Holiday Craft Beer Gift Guide
    The Cincy Brewcast team tackles the problem of what to get the Craft Beer lover who has everything...wait! The craft beer lover who loves gadgets, growlers, clothing, and, well, beer can NEVER have everything! From a craft beer card deck for under $4 to the "Cadillac" of craft beer gifts--the Pico Brew home brewing system--we guide you to the websites, online shops, local breweries and more that will have you covered for gifts for every craft beer lover on the list! The greatest gift, of course, is beer and we also discuss two likely candidates for your gift-giving needs; Home Sweet Home Sweet Potato Brown Ale from 50 West and Musk of the Minotaur IPA from Hoof Hearted Brewing in Marengo, Ohio. (Breckenridge Christmas Ale [a personal favorite] photo courtesy http://www.savingadvice.com)
  • Vol 01 - Episode 36 - Friendsgiving With Cincy Brewcast
    The Cincy Brewcast Family sits down for a "Friendsgiving" meal for the ages as we try to unravel the mysteries of Thanksgiving beer and food pairings. From Spiced Pecan appetizers with 50 West Willy-Nilly APA to Dessert with Cranberry-Walnut Cupcakes infused and paired with Madtree Pilgrim Pale Ale, Chef Jen Clawson and food expert Rick Sanson give us their recommendations for beers that will make your Thanksgiving meal the best ever! We also serve up a full helping (with enough for seconds) of This Week in Beer (lots of Black Friday happenings), and what we're thankful for in 2015 on an all-new edition of Cincy Brewcast!
  • Vol 01 - Episode 35 - The Infamous One With Lite Beer And Hot Dogs.
    Despite his better judgement, Gamal Nagi from Rivertown Brewing joins us again in a whirlwind, madcap hour where Cincy Brewcast asks two age-old questions: "What's the best tasting 'Lite' beer?", and "Is a Hot Dog a sandwich?". We come to a conclusion, if not a consensus on the first, and make no ground or convincing arguments on the second. The only thing we found out was that The Gnarly Gnome really is passionate about hot dogs! All on the next edgy, controversial edition of Cincy Brewcast.
  • Vol 01 - Episode 34 - Rivertown Brewing With Gamal Nagi
    In one of the most fortuitous guest bookings in the histroy of Cincy Brewcast, we are joined this week by Gamal Nagi, Director of Relationships and Ideation at Rivertown Brewing Co., hot on the heels of the announcement of Rivertown's major expansion to Monroe, Ohio. Gamal brings two of Rivertown's flagship beers, Soulless and Divergent, and Gnome brings Rivertown's fine collab with Embrace the Funk-Yazoo Brewing (Nashville, TN), Oro Agrio. Gnome also brings us the debut of Urban Artifact's "KickSled" Winter Beer! We also discuss the goings on in Cincy Craft in "This Week in Beer" and talk about the most "kid- and pet-friendly" tap room's in this week's "Asked and Answered".
  • Vol 01 - Episode 33 - Brewing In Paradise LIVE - -With Jeff Graff, Chef Tony And Ben Ramsey
    This week, Cincy Brewcast invades Jeff Graff's Paradise Brewing and Supply on Beechmont Ave in Anderson Township. We are also joined by Chef Antonio of Cincy Beer Brats who brings his delicious food to share and a special surprise guest--Ben Ramsey, Head Brewer for Old Firehouse Brewing in Williamsburg. We talk with Jeff about his unique "try before you buy" method of brewing beer that is available in over 20 kits that you can take home to brew yourself! Jeff is also looking to jump in with both feet with his brewing and taproom operation and we discuss his expansion plans. We drink 5 great beers from his taproom in "From the Beer Fridge; "The Waffler" Belgian Saison, "Angry Jack" Pumpkin Ale (all grain and extract recipes, both fermented in real pumpkins!!), "Ol' Nutcracker" Winter Ale brewed with brown sugar and maple syrup and the World-Class "Wrath of the Tsar" Russian Imperial Stout (an homage to North Coast's "Old Rasputin"). We also caught up with Ben Ramsey from Old Firehouse (on his off-night!) and picked his brain about the goings-on in Williamsburg. We talk Madtree, Moerlein, and Mt. Carmel in "This Week in Beer" and much more on this week's jam-packed Cincy Brewcast-The LIVE voice of Cincy Craft!
  • Vol 01 - Episode 32 - Clubbin' With NKY HB Guild And Bloatarians
    Cincy Brewcast goes Clubbin' with representatives of two popular home brewing clubs, NKY Homebrewers Guild and Bloatarians Brewers League with reps Eddie and Jon from NKY and 'Hark Johnny' from Bloatarians. We talk why it's good for home brewers to join a club. Also, we talk equipment and the brewing process in "Beer School with Miss Tina", upcoming events in "This Week in Beer" and some pertinent questions in "Asked and Answered"! All on this brand new edition of Cincy Brewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft">
  • Vol 01 - Episode 31 - Don't Judge Me!! - BJCP Judging with Evan Rouse and Jody Grenert
    "Judge not, lest ye be judged." Not to be sacrilegious, but though Christ turned water into wine, he wasn't a Home Brewer. We meet two of the best in the beer judging business tonight--Evan Rouse, who's day job just happens to be as Head Brewer at Covington's Braxton Brewing and Jody Grenert, award winning home brewer and organizer of the annual Ohio Brew Week home brew competition. We talk styles, how competitions are organized and how we all can be better beer consumers by using beer judging criteria to understand what we are tasting. Evan also brought a great surprise; a pre-release preview of Braxton's new "Level" Belgain Saison. This dry, spicy and crisp saison goes on tap Friday, October 23 at Braxton, but you can find out what we think of it on this program. Plus a lot of goings on in "This Week In Beer" including our participation in "Fresh Fest 2015" where CIncy's "Craft Beer Media" spike kegs of Madtree "Lift" with strange flavors, and stand around feeling self-important!
  • Vol 01 - Episode 30 - Blessid Union Of Hops With Urban Artifact And Ohio Valley Hops
    Cincy Brewcast gets a little horticulture, and a lot of "Wild Culture" as we welcome Ohio Valley Hops co-founders Dave and Nina Volkmann and the brewing masterminds of Cincy Craft's most unique brewery, Bret Kollman-Baker and Josh Elliott from Urban Artifact. They have teamed together to create a "Blessid Union of Hops", namely, Calliope, UA's all-new "Grand Cru" style wild ale, fresh-hopped with cones from OVH. We get to preview this wonderful "Belgianesque" brew before it's release to the public in the taproom. We also get to try the Chariot Wild Sour Cherry Gose, Maize Kentucky Common and Hearth Wild Dark Ale. We also discuss Ohio hop farming and the "hop local" movement with Dave and Nina, and we get political with a discussion of Ohio House Bill 68, the move to increase the ABV of beers from the current 12% cap to 21%.
  • Vol 01 - Episode 29 - Home Brewers - The "Founders" Of Craft Beer
    Tonight the Cincy Brewcast team returns to the "friendly confines" of the studio and is joined by two outstanding local home brewers, Shayne Brammer who brews under the "Blue Hen Brewing" banner and Adam Stone, flying the flag for "Big Slam Brewing". They relate the real-life stores of the triumph and tribulations of home brewing, why they do it and why they love it. We pull some of their beers (all delicious, by the way) "From The Beer Fridge" and then we try one of the "big hitters" of the craft beer world, Russian River's Pliny The Elder (courtesy of Shayne). Along with the Pliny, we also try two big beers from Mike's recent Florida trip, American Wild BA Barleywine with Brett and Son of Yam Spiced Yam Ale from JDubs Brewing in Sarasota. Plus an extra huge edition of "This Week In Beer" with major developments from 50 West, Mt. Carmel, Rhinegeist, Madtree, Fibonacci, Urban Artifact and more, all on this week's edition of Cincy Brewcast
  • Vol 01 - Episode 28 - LIVE At Kroger Oakley Station Growler Bar!
    The Kroger Company jumps into the Cincy craft beer growler scene with their new craft beer growler bar at their fabulous new flagship store at Oakley Station in Cincinnati. We are joined by Cincinnati-Nashville Craft Brands Manager Nate Wolejsza and "Adult Beverage Steward" Ryan Brock as we discuss Kroger's commitment to craft beer in general, what the plans are for the Oakley Station growler bar and also discuss their commitment to fine wines and craft ciders. We taste seasonal beers from Madtree, 50 West, Sam Adams and Kroger's own Tap Room No. 21 and discuss the impact Kroger has on Cincinnati's craft brewers--and vice versa.
  • Vol 01 - Episode 27 - Live At Bad Tom Smith
    Mike and The Gnome invade Bad Tom Smith Brewing Co. in Cincinnati's East End to get their fair share of "Bad Ass in a Glass"! We're joined in the Bad Tom taproom by Head Brewer Eric Napier and Taproom Manager Kevin Lay, and on the all-new Cincy Brewcast "Hop-Line" by new owner John Vojtuch. John talks about the changes to the overall experience at the sometimes star-crossed Brewery from a refocus on brewing quality to a refinement of their taproom experience. Eric gives us a rundown of the beers and his experience with both the past of Bad Tom Smith, and what's coming up in the future. And, both John and Eric set forth their reasons why, if you haven't been to Bad Tom you should go and why, if you've been in the past and were disappointed, you should give them another shot.
  • Vol 01 - Episode 26 - "Prost! - from Oktoberfest to JDub's"
    Episode 26 saw The Gnarly Gnome, Tina and Angie left alone in the studio as Mike headed south for warmer weather. Rest assured, he sent in an interview that he did down at JDub's brewing, and called in to make sure the studio was still in working order. We tried some fantastic Oktoberfest beers, and one from Mt. Carmel that's perfect for the cooling weather, and listened to what sounded like a fantastic flight from Mike! Shane Brammer joined us in the studio to make sure all hell didn't break loose. It's a great show and a great Oktoberfest kick off! PROST!
  • Vol 01 - Episode 25 - "Six Months!"
    The Cincy Brewcast team looks back on 6 months of shows! Our triumphs and failures, our favorite interviews and people, and where we want to go in the future! We have a special guest who calls in on our first phone interview and we drink some outstanding beers from Jackie O's. Taft's Ale House and Rhinegeist. If you've been a faithful listener, you'll reminisce with us and if you're hearing us for the first time, you'll get a sense of where we've been, and where we're going. All on this edition of Cincy Brewcast--The Voice of Cincy Craft.
  • Vol 01 - Episode 24 "Smokin' - with Asylum Cigars At Jungle Jim's"
    Why is a craft beer podcast doing a "LIVE" program at a Cigar Festival? Because two of the hosts of said craft beer podcast are also cigar 'junkies', that's why! Add to that the fact that when it comes to food, beer, hot sauce and more, Jungle Jim's ALWAYS knocks festivals out of the park, you begin to understand why Cincy Brewcast had to be involved with JJ's Inaugural Cigar Festival. After being invited by, Lee Weisser, JJ's Fairfield Humidor Manager, we just happened to run into Tom Lazuka, the "L" in CLE Cigars and driving force behind the fast-growing Asylum cigar brand. THEN, Tom breaks out the new, limited-edition Asylum/New Holland Dragon's Milk barrel-aged cigar for us to taste, and, well, the rest is on the podcast! We discuss the cigar industry in-depth with Tom and Lee; the legal and regulatory battle the premium cigar industry faces that threatens it's very survival, the impact of the possible influx of Cuban brands into the marketplace, the changing and sophisticated palate of the American cigar smoker, compare the craft beer market/consumer to those of the Premium Cigar market, and so much more! To our hard-core craft beer fans, we apologize--and assure you we'll be back next week with our normal format--but give a couple of craft-beer loving cigar lovers a break one time, will, ya? And for those of you who love a tasty Puro with your favorite IPA, Stout, craft bourbon or morning coffee, you're in for an awesome show!
  • Vol 01 - Episode 23 "Summer Bonanza With Kenny And Lauren From Madtree"
    We are honored to be joined by one of the foremost brewers in Cincinnati, Kenny McNutt of Madtree Brewing on this edition of Cincy Brewcast. He is joined by Lauren Amos, Madtree's Marketing and Events coordinator to discuss the Madtree Summer Bonanza, coming up on August 29, 2015. We don't let Kenny and Lauren get away without asking about Madtree in general; from the beginning (including the original McNutt homebrew you can still get on tap), then the meteoric rise to becoming one of the premier craft brewers in the Midwest; and on to the what the future might hold for one of Cincy Craft's most beloved brands. We also taste and comment on some tasty beers "From the Beer Fridge", talk other upcoming events in "This Week In Beer" and much more on the next all-new Cincy Brewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft".
  • Vol 01 - Episode 22 The Wild, The Ginger And The Bad Tom Shuffle
    On this episode of Cincy Brewcast, we are joined by John Bent, the Craft Brands manager for Chas. Seligman Distributing Co. in Wilder, KY. John will introduce us to Wild Ginger, the first American-made alcoholic ginger beer. We taste Wild Ginger on it's own and in cocktails like the "Kentucky Mule". Seligman also is the sole distributor in Northern Kentucky for Cincinnati's Bad Tom Smith brewery. We ask John about Seligman's reasoning behind handling the controversial brewers, who have been beset by quality and consistency problems with their beers. We also discuss the 'three tier system', the Kentucky law which saw a brewing giant and a local craft brewery become 'strange bedfellows', and much more. So join Mike Cisneros, The Gnarly Gnome and Tina Cisneros on this week's edition of Cincy Brewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft."
  • Vol 01 - Episode 21 "21st Birthday At Braxton Brewing Co"
    Cincy Brewcast is "21 and legal" as we return to the scene of one of our earliest programs when we "invade" Braxton Brewing Company in Covington, Kentucky. Mike, Tina and The Gnome are joined by the founders of Braxton, Greg, Jake and Evan Rouse in front of a raucous live audience. We talk about where they were 4-and-a-half short months ago, where they are now and where they are going. We go in-depth about the beers and philosophies of the family brewery that has taken Cincy Craft by "Storm", and the products and growth which will propel them into the future.
  • Vol 01 - Episode 20 "Founder's Series # 2--Scott LaFollette from Blank Slate Brewing
    On this all-new episode of Cincy Brewcast, we are joined by Scott LaFollette, the mastermind behind one of the most innovative and popular Cincy Craft breweries, Blank Slate. We taste Blank Slate's "Ryesing Up" rye saison and "Flourish", his Agave-Lime Alt collaboration with Orchid's at the Palm Court restaurant. He also gives us his "tell it like it is" take on the Cincinnati craft brewing scene, including the hurdles he had to jump to get Blank Slate off the ground, and the unique problems brought about by the craft beer "boom". We also announce a winner in our "Question of the Week" contest of naming Tina's Hopwater infused beer cocktail from last week, we discuss the Cincy Craft news in "This Week in Beer" and so much more, all on this week's edition of Cincy Brewcast; "The Voice of Cincy Craft"!
  • Vol 01 - Episode 19 "Eau De Hops" - Beers And Cocktails With Hopwater
    Cincy Brewcast drinks water this week. Wait, What!? But this is no ordinary water--this is Hopwater, the new craft soft-drink sensation developed by Cincy based 48th Parallel. Hopwater has burst onto the regional craft beverage scene with its unique mix of all-natural ingredients, featuring Zeus hops tincture, giving Original Hopwater its distinctive, hop-forward flavor. They also add ginger, lime and grapefruit flavors to their line-up, and we try them all, by themselves, and in beer cocktails such as Tina's blackberry mixture (dubbed by Hopwater's Brandon Dawson "3 ounces of Shade") featuring Hopwater and Madtree's "Shade" blackberry gose, "The Gnarly Natty", featuring Hopwater Original, Little Kings(!) and Crown Royal and Mike's "Hoppy Knob" with Hopwater Ginger, Knob Creek bourbon and lime. We also taste the afore-mentioned Madtree Shade, Bad Tom Smith/Paradise Brewing's All-American IPA and Millersburg Brewing's French Ridge IPA--all on this edition of Cincy Brewcast.
  • Vol 01 - Episode 18 "Sausage Fest": With Cincy Beer Brats
    It's a taste sensation as CincyBrewcast welcomes "Chef Antonio" from Cincy Beer Brats to our first "Food and Beer" edition! You have seen (and probably tasted) Antonio's delicious wares at their "Beer 'n' Brat" events at some of the Cincy Craft taprooms--the next one takes place July 24 at Braxton Brewing! Chef tells us about what goes in to making a beer brat, some new and exciting products they are coming up with (including Breakfast Links) and how he went from the media business to the "brat biz". We also drink some casual beers from Cellar Dweller, West 6th, and Madtree and we finish our interview with Dave Volkman of Ohio Valley Hops ahead of their OHGG Open House, taking place at Ohio Valley Hops in Maineville on July 25. Plus Fermented Reality "B Cups", an all new Question of the Week (with a sweet prize) and much more on this all-new CincyBrewcast!
  • Vol 01 - Episode 17 "Ohio Hops, Craft Beer All Stars"
    In this all-new episode of CincyBrewcast, we drink All-Star and baseball inspired beers from Rhinegeist, Cellar Dweller, Braxton and Moerlein Lager House in honor of MLB's 86th Annual All-Star Game, which calls Cincinnati home this week. We also talk to Dave Volkman of Ohio Valley Hops to learn all about the nascent Hop Farming movement here in Ohio and the Ohio Hop Grower's Guild Open House taking place on July 25th at his farm in Maineville, Ohio and at hop farms across the state. Gnome, Tina and I also give our picks for a Cincy vs. MLB All-Star Team of Craft Beers with great breweries like Schlafly, Revolution, and St. Arnold representing MLB and Fibonacci, Mt. Carmel and Triple Digit representing Cincy craft.
  • Vol 01 - Episode 16 "From Cincy to the A-T-H--Ohio Brew Week 2015"
    Join Mike and Tina Cisneros as they make the scenic drive from the CincyBrewcast Studios, along Rt. 32 to Athens, Ohio, the home of Ohio University and of Ohio Brew Week 2015. Mike and Tina chat with Weston Lombard, Executive Director of the 10th Annual Ohio Brew Week and Board Member Jody Grinert. Hear how the festival went from its organizers going around Ohio in a U-Haul truck collecting kegs from brewers, to the state's touchstone event for both craft brewers and craft beer lovers. The event takes place from July 10-18 and features 45 brewers (including most of Cincy's craft favorites), along with a collection of Ohio ciders, meads, spirits, and wines. Local food and entertainment round out what is always a stellar event. Also on this all-new CincyBrewcast, The Gnarly Gnome joins up for some tasting and commentary as we pull some growlers "From the Beer Fridge", we unveil a new Question of the Week in "Asked and Answered" and run down what will prove to be a busy next few weeks on CincyBrewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft".
  • Vol 01 - Episode 15 "Old Firehouse Live!"
    Join the CincyBrewcast team as we take our road show to Old Firehouse Brewing in Williamsburg, Ohio. We talk to founder, owner and brewmaster Adam Cowan who in just 3 short years has taken OFB from dream to one of the fastest growing craft beer brands and destinations in Ohio. We try a wide range of OFB beers, including "Hoser" Gose, "FlashPoint" IPA and "Pin-Up" Blonde. We also take another run at our "Asked and Answered" Question of the Week, "What is the craft beer you would most like to drink again?" Join us "live" for this wee's CincyBrewcast!
  • Vol 01 - Episode 14 "Birthday Beers And Brewery Openings"
    Join the CincyBrewcast team as we EXCLUSIVELY announce the grand opening date for Fibonacci Brewing in Mt. Healthy, including the original taplist, the opening times and much more from Cincy Craft's newest entry! Also, we discuss our big "LIVE" podcast at OLD Firehouse Brewing in Williamsburg, Ohio on June 29. We taste Blank Slate's SMaSH Series: Pilsen/Mosaic Kolsch, 50 West's Rainbow Road Session PA, and two Homebrews; GnomeBrew's Morning Magic Weiss and Big Smash's Two Pugs Black IPA. Plus highlights from Jungle Jim's annual BeerFest in "This Week In Beer", another edition of "Asked and Answered" and so much more on this edition of CincyBrewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft."!
  • Vol 01 - Episode 13 "Bollas and sound clips and Spritz, Oh My!!
    Wow, what a crazy episode! We are testing some new audio clips and production methods, all while drinking! Maybe not a good idea...We enjoy Rhinegeist "Spritz" and "T-Rex" (both outstanding)along with Moerlein Handlebar Double Stout and Greenbrier Valley (W. Va.) Mothman Black IPA. We announce our next "Live" podcast, which will be held at Old Firehouse Brewing in Williamsburg, Ohio on June 29th. We also talk to Bob Bollas of Fibonacci Brewing in Mt. Healthy, Ohio who will be opening that brewery in just a few weeks time. Plus the Gnome brings us "This Week in Beer", and we "share" in another edition of "Asked and Answered" all on this week's CincyBrewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft".
  • Vol 01 - Episode 12 "Lazy Summer Sunday"
    The team spends a "Lazy Summer Sunday". While The Gnarly Gnome remained secluded in his bunker deep below "The Gnarly Gnome Tavern" after his Live public appearance last week, Mike and Tina hold down the fort at the CincyBrewcast Studios. The Gnome filed two audio reports--his "From The Beer Fridge" tasting of two CIncy summer pilseners, Moerlein's "Push Reel" and Rhinegeist's "Puma", and "This Week in Beer" where he discusses some happenings and releases across the Cincinnati beer scene. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Tina and Mike get after 50 West's "Penny's Pils", "Nellie's Key Lime Carribean Ale" from Taft's Ale House and Braxton's "Dead Blow" Tropical style stout. Mike and Tina also discuss an "eye-opening" new offering from Braxton, some of the new tap offerings at Brew River Gastropub, our Asked and Answered question of the week "What's the WORST beer you've ever had?", and much more.
  • Vol 01 - Episode 11 Listermann Live!
    Check out CincyBrewcast's first "Recorded Live" podcast! This time, we visit Listermann/Triple Digit Brewing in Cincinnati, where we meet the patriarch of Cincy Craft, Dan Listermann, along with his team Head Brewer Patrick Gilroy and Sales and Marketing Director Jason Brewer. We sample two varieties of their iconic "Chickow!" hazelnut brown ale, their "Cincinnati Red" Irish Red, and their amazing new Pale Ale, "Don't Talk Sh*t About Norwood!". We'll find out how Dan got involved in craft beer, first as a home-brewer, then as a home-brew supply manufacturer and retailer and finally as brew master of one of Cincinnati's best-loved craft breweries. We'll get news of expansion plans for Listermann (with real glassware and ADA restrooms!). We'll also have another edition of "Asked and Answered" and so much more on this edition of CincyBrewcast!
  • Vol 01 - Episode 10 Seeing the light of Darkness Brewing
    Join Mike, The Gnome and Tina as we meet Ron Sanders and Eric Bosler, the founders of Darkness Brewing in Bellevue, Kentucky. Ron and Eric are shooting for an early autumn debut, but they're already in their space and brewing! Find out why some of what you may have heard or read (brewing only dark beers; reliance on crowd-funding) may not be completely true. Plus, we try some of Ron and Eric's home brew, which was outstanding (and definitely NOT dark)and e also sample selections from Rivertown, Quaff Bros., Moerlein and Madtree.
  • Vol 01 - Episode 09 Brewhaus Dog Bones
    On this, the latest edition of CincyBrewcast, we talk to Lisa Graham, the founder and driving force behind Brewhaus Dog Bones. You'll hear the inspiring story of how she took an idea she got during a visit to a San Diego craft brewery and in less than a year has turned it into an amazing educational opportunity for our area's developmentally disabled young adults. Lisa also introduces us to Cheryl Hinkel, a Special Education teacher from the Oak Hills School District and Allen Moellman from Listermann/Triple Digit, who will tell us about their unique contributions to the Brewhaus program. Plus we'll debut a new show segment "Asked and Answered" where we Ask and Answer craft beer questions; we'll taste beers by Mt. Carmel, Rhinegeist, and 50 West "From the Beer Fridge", discuss Bad Tom Smith news with The Gnarly Gnome and much more.
  • Vol 01 - Episode 08 Getting Personal, Ten Question Style
    This week the CincyBrewcast team answers "10 Questons" about themselves, unscripted and uninterrruped. Find out where we like to drink, what our favorite beer is, what our favorite sports are and more! Also, answer our "Question of the Week" for our new show segment "Asked and Answered"! This week's question is "If you walk into an establishment and put a $20 on the bar, what are you drinking?" Send your reply to @cincybrewcast on Twitter, with the #cbcaskedandanswered, or leave a comment on our SoundCloud page and your answer could be read on the next CincyBrewcast!
  • Vol 01 - Episode 07 Cincy Craft...always growing and evolving
    On the seventh episode of CincyBrewcast, the team takes on beers from Old Firehouse, Madtree, Warped Wing (Dayton, OH, West 6th (KY), Saltwater (FL), and Sixpoint (NY). Mike, Tina and The Gnome also discuss Cincy Brew Week's move next year from February to June, Cincinnati's proposed open-container "entertainment districts), a much-anticipated expansion at Mt. Carmel and much more!
  • Vol 01 - Episode 06 The 2015 Cincy Craft Draft
    This week the team tries 4 beers from throughout the region--Rivertown's Insurrection DIPA, Listermann's IdleMild English Mild, Jackie O's (Athens, OH) Pilsaaz Pilsener and Great Crescent Brewing's (Aurora, IN)Cherry Farmhouse Ale. Then, this being NFL Draft season, Tina, Mike and the Gnome dive right into our first annual CincyBrewcast "Cincy Craft Draft", where we fill our hypothetical 24 handle taproom with some of the region's finest beers.
  • Vol 01 - Episode 05 - Wild, Tart and Delicious... Urban Artifact
    Join Mike, Tina, Gnome, and Scott as they talk all things Urban Artifact Brewing, including the EXCLUSIVE tap line-up for their Friday, April 24 Grand opening. We also taste three of UA's new beers, talk with Co-Founder Brett Kollman-Baker and Brewer Josh Elliott, and discuss the newest attraction of the fast-growing cultural scene in Cincinnati's historic Northside neighborhood. We also have Cincinnati craft beer news and notes including Starkbierfest 2015, a new offering from Mt. Carmel and the return of an old friend from Madtree.
  • Vol 01 - Episode 04 - Little Brewhouse...Big Flavors, DogBerry
    This week we head out on the road to DogBerry Brewing where we are joined by Chris Frede and Tony Meyer for our first "experimental" road show and live test. We try their beer, and talk about what makes DogBerry special in this Cincinnati beer scene!
  • Vol 01 - Episode 03 - The Founder's Series-Mike Dewey from Mt.Carmel
    Join the CincyBrewcast team as we wrap-up our Braxton coverage, Meet Mt Carmel Brewing's founder Mike Dewey in our inaugural "Founder's Series" interview and we have news about Moerlein Lager House, Jungle Jim's Founder's Brewing pint night and self-serve beer taps at GABP.
  • Vol 01 - Episode 02 - Visiting the Braxton Brewing Company "Garage"
    On Volume 1, Number 2 of the CincyBrewcast we talk all things Braxton Brewing Co. as Mike heads to Covington to Interview Greg, Jake and Evan Rouse and Richard Dube ahead of Braxton's much anticipated grand opening on March 27th. The Gnome brings the much-coveted Blank Slate Opera Cream Stout for tasting and Tina announces our new Facebook Fan Page and Instagram accounts.
  • Vol 01 - Episode 01 - The Road To Craft Beer...and Podcasts!
    Join Tina, Chris, Mike and The Gnarly Gnome for Volume 1, Issue 1 of the CincyBrewcast. We taste IPA's and Stouts, and talk about our personal journeys to craft beer. We also touch on how a Cincy MSD decision affects local craft brewers and how a Kentucky Legislature decision is good news for KY brewers but not for one local major craft beer player.