• Volume 4, Episode 38 – That One Time In Newport, With Figleaf
    The story is epic, and the ending is exactly how you expect it to be when someone attempts to get to 38 breweries in one day. Now, there is a beer to commemorate the most epic Cincinnati beer tour of all time. I can’t even begin to thank FigLeaf enough for making this beer, called […]
  • Volume 4, Episode 37 – Streetside, The Demogorgon and Masthead
    This week’s episode of Cincy Brewcast was recorded live, on location at Streetside Brewing Company with Garrett Hickey. It was an exciting Monday as the brewery helped their friends at Cleveland’s Masthead Brewing celebrate their one year anniversary with a satellite party by tapping three of their beers. It’s been a little while since we’ve […]
  • Volume 4 – Episode 36 – Solo, But Not So Solo, Snowed In, But Not So Snowed In?
    I thought this was going to end up being a solo show, drinking a beer or two and telling you about it after being snowed in for a weekend. It turned out that The Beercat came through and gave me a quick rundown of this years Jungle Jim’s Barrel Aged Beer Bash that I missed […]
  • Volume 4 – Episode 35 – Ohio Beer Wrap Up – 2018
    Though I may spend most of my time diving into and sharing with you all the ins and outs of Cincinnati’s rapidly growing craft beer scene, there is a lot more out there. Just here in Ohio there is so much going on that sometimes it’s worthy of a mention, and a quick wrap up […]
  • Cincy Brewcast Volume 4 Episode 34 – Cincinnati Beer History
    Take a breath, as we dive this week down the deep rabbit hole of where it all started, and how beer got to where it is in Cincinnati. I was lucky enough to be invited to Boone County’s Library to give a talk about beer. If you’ve never tried to compress 220 years of brewing […]
  • Volume 4, Episode 33
    Consider this both a Christmas and a “year-end wrap up” show… if you want to, I suppose. On the heels of a fantastic article that wrapped up all the beer news of the year from David McKinney, I invited him and Andy Foltz over to chat about all that’s happened in 2018. This was a […]
  • Volume 4, Episode 32 – Big Cis 2018
    It’s probably the single event each year that gives me the “reset” that I need.  Coming at the end of the year, which is such a good time to reflect anyways – Big Cis is the chance for me to remember back to starting Cincy Brewcast.  The focus for the show, the focus for the […]
  • 04-31 – Dark Charge Day!
    There are a lot of beer releases in Cincinnati.  It’s the great part of having as many breweries that we do – you get a lot of beer to go along with that.  It also means that when there are releases or events that are “different”, they stand out that much more than they would […]
  • Volume 4 – Episode 30 – Sam Adams, Going Solo
    Sam Adams has opened their Cincinnati taproom (as you remember reading about, I’m sure).  And there are a lot of questions about what it’s like.  I take tonights quick, solo show as an opportunity to answer those questions, drink a couple beers and get some audio out to you that I’ve been itching to for […]
  • Volume 4, Episode 29 – Urban Artifact’s Epicurean Release… and Sip, Slamming And Dumping Our Way To Podcast Gold.
    Things never go as expected at Urban Artifact, and I say that in the best way possible.  The shows are always packed full of some of my favorite moments from the podcast, and this episode doesn’t let up at all.  We dig into some of this week’s upcoming releases from Urban, chat a little bit […]
  • 04-28 – Don’t Be A Jerk – Queen City Certified
    I’ve got a lot to say about this topic, and will very soon in a deeper post after I wrap my head around some stuff.  There’s a lot of things that I have to figure out how to approach.  Craft Beer is an incredible community, and one that has the potential to do some really […]
  • Volume 4, Episode 27 – Sonder’s Grand Opening
    In true Cincy Brewcast fashion, every once in a while, we’ve gotta hit up one of the area’s busiest events and record a show.  A little noisy?  Maybe.  A lot of exciting?  Definitely.  I wanted to capture a little bit of the excitement that is surrounding the opening of Sonder Brewing in Mason, not just […]
  • Volume 4, Episode 26 – MadTree With Kenny, Brady, and Some Former Professor Guy…
    It’s not often that you can get Brady and Kenny in the same room together.  It seems like ever since planning began for 2.0 that MadTree has been on such a wild ride that the duo rarely gets to sit down together for an interview (especially when you’re just a lowly lawn ornament blogger) – […]
  • Volume 4, Episode 24 – Little Miami Brewing Company
    This week finds Cincy Brewcast recording on location, deep in the heart of Olde Milford.  We are finally sitting down with the folks from Little Miami Brewing Company to talk about who they are, and why you need to stop by their brewpub soon. The brewery is built to fit in with Milford’s already existing […]
  • Volume 4, Episode 24 – LemonGrenade Creative: Building, Branding and Designing Cincinnati Craft Beer.
    There are so many facets to what constitutes “Cincy Craft Beer” and I’m always fascinated by this one.  LemonGrenade Creative has become a vital piece of the puzzle for so many of the breweries that you have come to know and love, from logo and branding work, to designing the label artwork for some of […]
  • Volume 4 – Episode 23 – Back In Studio With Craft Beer Joe and Raging Hop
    There will always be something special (and fun) about getting back “in studio”.  It reminds me of how we started this show, just sitting around a table drinking a few beers and talking about what’s happening in our craft beer community.  Without a couple of friends to drink with, though – it just wouldn’t work, […]
  • Volume 4 – Episode 22 – Getting To Know You: The Common Beer Company
    I LOVE seeing new breweries open up.  I’m sure that you’ve picked up on that by now – haven’t you?  Getting to know new people, and seeing how they put their spin on something that is so important to not just me, but to people all across Cincinnati is exciting.  Watching places grow over the […]
  • Volume 4 – Episode 21 – The Tailgate With Taft’s And The Beercat
    I love playing around with show ideas like this.  The Beercat reached out to me recently with the idea to take the show on the road… sort of.  We set up in the heart of UCs campus before the first home game and did a little tailgating… brewcast style.  Joined by Patrick and Colin from […]
  • Volume 4 – Episode 20 – Getting To Know Adena Distributing
    There are many sides to the craft beer world.  I have always tried as hard as possible to use Cincy Brewcast as a vehicle to bring to you the owners, the brewers and the drinkers of Cincinnati’s craft beer… and this is the first time that we’ve gotten a chance to also bring you an […]
  • Volume 4 – Episode 19 – Bringing Back Rivertown
    Not that they’ve ever gone away, but it’s been far too long since we’ve had Rivertown Brewing Company on Cincy Brewcast, and it’s time to remedy that situation!  It’s fitting that at the same time they are not only on a absolute tear with not just new beers, but bringing back crowd pleasing favorites as […]
  • Volume 4 – Episode 18 – Figleaf, For Their Fans
    It’s an fascinating growth story, that of FigLeaf.  A brewery that is trying to bridge the gap between Dayton and Cincinnati, fill a vacant hole in their location of Middletown, Ohio and start bringing beer people back to Butler County all the while navigating the waters of an increasingly busy craft beer market locally.  Growth […]
  • Volume 4 – Episode 17 – Catching Up With The Old Firehouse
    It’s hard to believe that when Williamsburg’s Old Firehouse Brewery opened up 3+ years ago, that there were only 15 breweries or so in the Cincinnati area.  We’re now over 50 and it’s an entirely different perspective that you’ll get when you talk to owner Adam Cowan.  The balance of keeping things fresh, and building […]
  • Volume 4 – Episode 16 – Rolling Mill and Hops In The Hangar
    The timing worked out perfectly for this week’s episode.  The last time we were out at Rolling Mill Brewing Company, they hadn’t quite opened up yet. This time, not only have they opened up, but they’ve got a nice full tap lineup of their gluten free beer that we could try!  It just so happens […]
  • Volume 4 Episode 15 – Sonder Brewing Company
    This episode of Cincy Brewcast is all about the upcoming Sonder Brewing Company. Explore the stories that make up the brewery that everyone's going to be talking about this fall. They haven't cut any corners in building what will be a great destination brewery in Deerfield Township, and we explore why that's the case.
  • Volume 4 Episode 14 – Ohio Brew Week 2018
    Ohio Brew Week is in full swing out in Athens, and I made the road trip out to bring some of the action to your podcast feed.  I was graciously joined by Sean White of Little Fish, Cameron Fuller of Devil’s Kettle and Brad Clark from Jackie O’s to sit down and have a great […]
  • Volume 4 Episode 13 – Wiedemann, Boxing, Bad Tom and Sunshine
    A nice, beautiful, sunny day in Sawyer Point Park sets the backdrop for this weeks show which we recorded live from the Wiedemann Beer Boxing Championships.  I was joined by David McKinney who helped us as we chatted with John Vojtush about what’s been going on with his Bad Tom Smith Brewing Company lately.  We […]
  • Volume 4 Episode 12 – Streetside, The Sour Side
    There are many aspects to what makes up a brewery like Streetside.  It’s extremely hard to narrow their “beer personality” down to a particular category because they are nailing so many different sides so well.  This week’s show focuses on one that I have fallen in love with, though – their sour side.  Garrett and […]
  • Volume 04 – Episode 11 – Fifty West, Prepping For Punch Out
    There’s a lot to talk to Fifty West about… and I suppose that’s partially my fault for not having a chance to sit down with them on the show for about a year.  Of course, it’s also their fault for having a TON of stuff going on at all times.  From some big medal wins, […]
  • Volume 04 – Episode 10 – Fibonacci Is Growing, Meet Fib Farm!
    The last year or year and a half has been really fun if you enjoy watching breweries grow, and who doesn’t?  We’re seeing how each of our local breweries expands and evolves, with new locations, bigger taprooms etc.  Fibonacci is no exception to that with their announcement of the addition of a beer garden, an […]
  • Volume 04 – Episode 09 – All The Drinks! On Location at March First.
    It’s been far too long since the brewcast has visited Cincinnati’s first brewery/cidery/distillery, March First. Since our last visit, the taproom has opened and the brewery has started to grow into a fantastic addition to our craft beer scene here in Cincinnati – but how does it all work?  We sat down with the folks […]
  • Volume 04 – Episode 08 – What’s Happenin’ Cincy?
    There’s always a ton of things going on in this city, events… releases… beer drama.  It doesn’t matter which week you explore, each one is as exciting as the previous.  This is what makes an episode like this fun.  Due to a short notice cancellation, I had to scramble to put this show together (without […]
  • Volume 4 – Episode 7 – A Long Awaited Flight At Alexandria Brewing Company
    It seems like we’ve been waiting for this to happen forever, but Alexandria Brewing Company has opened their doors for business, and it’s time that the Brewcast sat down with Andy and Brad for a flight of beers – their beers!  The topic of conversation drifted from the beers themselves, to the way that Alexandria […]
  • Volume 4 – Episode 6 – Getting Loud With Fretboard
    If you haven’t heard about Fretboard lately, you haven’t been paying attention.  They’ve been making a whole bunch of noise locally with not just a couple big personnel pickups, but with a tap lineup that gets people talking with a near perfect mix of traditional styles and fun boundary pushing flavors.  They’re only six months […]
  • Volume 4 – Episode 5 – The Solo Studio Ramble
    I always feel like a fish out of water when I’m trying to throw a last minute show together.  Couple that up with the face that this week’s episode is a “solo show” and what you get is a short version of the brewcast, filled with a bit of rambling.  I did manage to crack […]
  • Volume 04 – Episode 04 – The Untappd Seven Cities Tour At MadTree
    What a whirlwind of a show!  It seems extremely appropriate that right after discussing how Cincinnati can become more of a draw for beer-tourism that the city should win an exclusive party from Untappd.  If you missed the post about the event the important stuff you need to know is that in the month of […]
  • Volume 04 – Episode 03 – Beer Tourism With Craft Beer Joe
    There has been a couple big stories lately that have gotten the discussion of beer tourism, and what Cincinnati is doing right (or wrong) about it kicking into a different gear lately.  From the announcement that Rhinegeist is now one of the biggest breweries in the country to the big news that Sam Adams is […]
  • Volume 04 – Episode 02 – In Studio With Mrs Gnome
    This was a test of some new streaming stuff that I’m working on, and we fired up Instagram live from our dining room after a long weekend out of town, with a sick baby (and a sick gnome) to drink a couple beers and talk about what’s been happening in the latest Cincy Beer releases. […]
  • Volume 4 – Episode 01 – Cellar Dweller, Valley Vineyards
    There has been a lot of changes with Cellar Dweller/Valley Vineyards in recent months.  Their longtime head brewer Steve Shaw left to help start up Wiedemann, and they picked up a great talent with CJ Katsetos to put a new spin on their brewing program.  New beers, new spins on old beers… there’s a lot […]
  • Volume 3 – Episode 32 – Queen City Brewing Company of Cincinnati
    They’ve been chugging along in Blue Ash, working to change minds and fill thirsty bellies for more than a year now and it begs the question: Why has it taken the Brewcast that long to get out to Blue Ash to do a show with the Queen City Brewery of Cincinnati?  I don’t actually have […]
  • Volume 3 – Episode 31 – Bockfest, Lagers, and You!
    There are few celebrations that can be compared to Bockfest in Cincinnati.  It’s a unique beer style, it’s a unique festival and it’s the perfect time of year to get out of the house, and have a couple beers in the sunshine.  Where else can you burn a snowman effigy one week, and then dress […]
  • Volume 3 – Episode 30 – 13 Below
    As the mighty Ohio River rises around town, Cincy Brewcast finds itself at 13 Below.  We were there to offer up a pint or two to the river gods, to attempt to appease their quickly approaching waters, but more importantly were there to talk about beer.  13 Below has been open for around 6 months, […]
  • Volume 3 – Episode 29 – DogBerry. Cans, Haze, And Staying The Same
    It’s been way too long since I’ve done a show at West Chester’s DogBerry Brewing Company.  This brewery has been a fun one to watch over the last year, as they’ve grown from being a nano brewery into a neighborhood gathering spot, pumping out 20 unique taps from their shiny new 10bbl brewhouse, and they’re […]
  • Volume 3 – Episode 28 – Long Slumber At Municipal Brew Works
    We hadn’t been out to Hamilton Ohio’s Municipal Brew Works to chat with them since the week they opened their doors back in 2016, which meant I needed to find a good excuse to make this show happen.  Luckily for me (and you) they’ve got their second bottle release coming up, a release of a […]
  • Vol 03 – Episode 27 – Have A Drink With The Brewcast… at Wooden Cask
    One thing that keeps me going when it comes to beer blogging, or podcasting about craft beer is the people.  It’s the reason this whole thing got started, and it’s still the reason that I basically work a second job (an unpaying job, mind you) while trying to be a Dad, A Husband and maintain […]
  • Volume 3 – Episode 26 – Iron Mash Mash-up
    The chaos reins supreme in this week’s episode!  The day was already a hectic one, with more beer releases taking place on one day than I think I’ve seen yet.  In addition to the releases, there was also a really fun event being put on by the Northern Kentucky Homebrewer’s guild that I had to […]
  • Volume 3, Episode 25 – The Barrel Aged Brew Bash or a Barrel Aged Brewcast Bash?
    We’re back in the heart of one of Jungle Jim’s famous beer festivals again, and things are big, dark and boozy for this one!  Craft Beer Joe joined me at the Barrel Aged Beer Bash to talk about Barrel Aged Beer, and what exactly that means for your tastebuds.  The definition of what a Barrel […]
  • Vol 03 – Episode 24 – Drinking In The Studio With Garrett Hickey
    There is always something really fun about doing a show ‘In Studio’ (and you’re going to see more of these in 2018 as I complete construction on the new Cincy Brewcast studios) it brings back the fun that some of the early shows had, where you never really knew what beers you’d be drinking.  This […]
  • Vol 03 – Episode 23 – Urban Artifact’s Spontaneously Fermented Christmas Show
    Let’s get it out of the way right off the top, I know.  This is the least Christmasy Christmas show that we’ve ever done.  I have taken the liberty to assume that I know you guys as an audience, though.  This topic is too fun to not let it take center stage, even with the […]
  • Vol 03 – Episode 22 – Getting To Know Rolling Mill Brewing Company
    I hope that you’ve been watching the folks up in Middletown’s Rolling Mill Brewing Company, because as 2017 starts to wind down they’re kicking things into high gear and hoping to have their doors open before the new year.  When I first wrote about the brewery they were still working on getting the space ready, […]
  • Vol 03 – Episode 21 – The Wrath of the Tsar, Live from Paradise
    It’s been well over a year since we’ve done a show with the incredible people at Anderson’s Paradise Brewing, and what perfect timing to find our way back to their remodeled taproom to do another show?  The brewery was hosting their first ever bottle release the day we recorded, and it made for some fun […]
  • Vol 03 – Episode 20 – Big Cis Brewcast 2017
    The Big Cis Brewcast is an annual event dedicated to the memory of the late Mike Cisneros.  Mike didn’t just sit next to me as the host of Cincy Brewcast, he was also a dear friend and one of the best, kindest people who I have ever met.  What better way to celebrate a life […]
  • Vol 03 – Episode 19 – The West Side Brewcast
    You’ve heard it said before – “people on the west side only drink Bud Light”.  We spent this episode proving what not only is that not true, but why people on the west side now have a brewery offering up some of the best beer that has been available on that side of town in […]
  • Vol 03 – Episode 18 – 16 Lots, Mason’s First Brewery.
    I love seeing new brewery’s open, and love it even more when they are located in areas that I feel are desperate for a place of their own.  Mason is exactly one of those places.  The city of Mason is a great place, with a ton of history that gets overlooked, but it feels like […]
  • Vol 03 – Episode 17 – Bircus, Beercus, Burcus, It Doesn’t Matter… It’s Showtime!
    It doesn’t matter how you pronounce it, Bircus is unique. They are brewing beer in Ludlow, with the plans to open their very own Circus/Brewery Taproom that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. We joined owner Paul Miller, Head Brewer Sean Gregor and their sort of “Jack of All Trades” Ryan Fardo to talk […]
  • Vol 03 – Episode 16 – Alexandria Brewing Company And Hops Springs Farm
    This episode of Cincy Brewcast saw us finally getting a glimpse at what Alexandria Brewing company will look like.  The brewery has been working their butts off to get rolling down in Alexandria, Kentucky and has hit just about every speed bump that is possible when doing so. We spent a lot of time exploring the […]
  • Vol 03 – Episode 15 – Streetside’s Anniversary Party
    We’ve done three shows now at Streetside, ranging from a pretty standard ‘Getting To Know You’ show back in December, to a really crazy one during their first can release of ‘Suh, Brah’ – which saw us setting up a table literally in the line that morning to do a show.  It seems that no […]
  • Vol 03 – Episode 14 – Live From Listermann, The Return.
    What’s been happening since we were last at Listermann Brewing Company?  The short of it is a LOT.  We last broadcast from the Listermann taproom in June of 2015, and since then it’s nearly tripled in size – gained a proper bar that makes the old one look like a toy.  An indoor beer garden […]
  • Vol 03 – Episode 13 – The Jungle Jim’s Buckeye Beer Bash
    I have a love for Jungle Jim’s, both from the Brewcast’s perspective (we’ve been there a few times for live shows now) and from a beer drinker’s perspective.  It’s a store that is unlike any other – especially if you’re looking for somewhere to buy some beer.  In addition to them being a fantastic, world […]
  • Vol 03 – Episode 12 – Bad Tom Smith and Brew City Brats
    We’ve talked before about Bad Tom Smith – actually, I love talking about them. (You can read some of the posts I’ve written about the brewery to get a better idea why). They personify the story of redemption that their namesake Bad Tom had at the end of his life.  From a brewery that was […]
  • Vol 03 – Episode 11 – Live at Rivertown With Jason Roeper
    Rivertown has been around for a long time (in beer years) and they’ve somehow managed to keep changing, and evolving with the local scene, while still staying true to who they are.  The biggest change so far in their life has taken place with the openin of their new, massive production brewery in Monroe. Sounds […]
  • Vol 03 – Episode 10 – Ohio Brew Week 2017
    There’s a bigger world of craft beer than I spend my time swimming through here in Cincinnati, and once a year I like to pay homage to that by branching out to Athens, Ohio for Ohio Craft Brew Week to chat with some breweries about what they’ve got going on out there – and for […]
  • Vol 03 – Episode 09 – Blue Melvin Pre-Release Chat
    This was originally recorded as a live broadcast with Cincinnati’s GCCBS facebook group to prepare the world for the much anticipated Blue Melvin bottle release at Fifty West, but as these things tend to go, the conversation was just too fantastic to have it only live inside of a live video, I knew that eventually […]
  • Vol 03 – Episode 08 – Moerlein and Friends, Maisel and Friends
    This was a show recorded in one of the loudest rooms that we’ve ever tried to do a show in, but the situation called for it.  Christian Moerlein Brewing Company and Maisel and Friends collaborated together with a pair of beers that exemplified the spirit of craft beer to a degree that just couldn’t be […]
  • Vol 03 – Episode 07 – Braxton Labs, It’s Braxton…But Very Different
    Braxton Brewing Company opened up their second location, and they did it in a way that is unheard of here in Cincinnati.  They didn’t go bigger, they went smaller, purchasing the old Ei8ht Ball space located inside the party source.  What sort of show would this be if we didn’t get them to sit down […]
  • Vol 03 – Episode 06 – Buyouts and Longshots
    I was joined in “studio” (I’m working on the new version of Cincy Brewcast studios… slowly but surely) for what was supposed to be a show focusing on Sam Adams and their Longshot variety six pack that they had recently released. My guests didn’t know what was in store for this show when they signed […]
  • Andy Sparhawk – American Craft Beer Week
    It’s a special “mid-week” edition of Cincy Brewcast – I sat down for a quick interview with Andy Sparhawk from the Brewer’s Association to talk about American Craft Beer Week, and why even now with more than 5000 breweries in the US it’s more important than ever. Learn a little bit about the event, and […]
  • Vol 03 – Episode 05 – The Culture of Innovation
    This week I was joined by Dave Dixon and Jon Covey, two homebrewers-turned-innovation brewers for Braxton Brewing company. I wanted to try to capture a little bit of their journey, and what it means to have a brewery that operates with a culture of innovation. It’s all relevant with the recent news of Braxton’s expansion […]
  • Vol 03 – Episode 04 – Sessionable, Flavorful, Live, from Wooden Cask
    Wooden Cask hasn’t been around forever, but owner and head brewer Randy has quite the story about how he ended up in Newport making some of the most sessionable and flavorful beers that you’ll find in Cincinnati.  We wanted to tackle the story of Randy, the story of Wooden Cask, and of course explore some […]
  • Vol 03 – Episode 03 – March First Brewing
    I love watching new brewery’s as they open up.  It’s fascinating to see the different approaches that each of them take with their opening strategies, and March First certainly had one that had everyone on their toes.  March First is a brewery that didn’t put much out there until there was beer ready to leave […]
  • Vol 03 – Episode 02 – NEIPA Extravaganza
    The style seems to be taking over the universe – even around Cincinnati, which always seems to be a step or two behind the trends.  NE IPAs are clearly a thing… but I admittedly didn’t know a lot about them.  There’s only one way to change that!  I grabbed CraftBeerJoe from CraftBeerJoe.com and we compiled […]
  • Vol 03 – Episode 01 – Suh, Brah?
    I have such a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that Streetside Brewing Company has only been around for six months, and are kicking as much ass as they are.  To celebrate their first ever packaged release (16oz cans of their NE IPA called Suh, Brah) I thought we should do it in […]
  • Vol 02 – Episode 41 – Meet Brink Brewing – Welcome Back Brewcast!
    Life has been crazy… and after the excitement of becoming a Dad, it’s time to get back on the Brewcast train!  Things are heating up around Cincinnati, and we needed to sit down with Brink Brewing to meet the folks behind this hot brewery in College Hill.  We sat down with the owners to figure […]
  • Vol 02 – Episode 40 – Visiting Dogberry, The second!
    We’ve been talking about this massive expansion for a long time, and things are finally coming together.  The new DogBerry location in West Chester has equipment finally… which means we need to stop by and have a peek! I sat down with owners Chris and Tony to talk about the path that got them to […]
  • Vol 02 – Episode 39 – Live at the Jungle Jim’s Barrel Aged Beer Bash
    Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield Ohio knows how to do a lot of things very well.  One of those things is beer festivals.  For this episode we set up a table right in the heart of their big Barrel Aged Beer Bash to talk all things barrel aged beer (and maybe drink a few of them […]
  • Volume 02 – Episode 38 – The Intersection of Streetside and The Brewcast
    It’s hard to believe that Streetside is still “new”, with them only being open a few months.  They manage to give off an aura of a brewery that has been around forever, and I want to get to the bottom of how they manage to do that.  I sat down with Garrett, Kathie and Luke […]
  • Volume 02 – Episode 37 – Welcome To The Jungle Jim’s Tasting Bar!
    It’s a hard place to explain to someone who hasn’t been there, but Jungle Jim’s is home to me.  While we set up this show to give us a chance to talk about their upcoming Barrel Aged Beer Bash, we had to explore what makes Jungle Jim’s what it is.  How can you take a […]
  • Volume 02 – Episode 36 – A Very Wild Christmas
    There aren’t a lot of breweries here in Cincinnati that do Holiday beers the way that Urban Artifact does.  I knew that when I wanted to explore the various styles and personalized of what that category can mean, they were the folks to make it happen.  I jumped on stage in the Urban Artifact taproom […]
  • Volume 02 – Episode 35 – The Rainy Day Brew Day – with Alexandria Brewing and Brewers Buddy
    It’s cold… it’s rainy… but we’re making beer. It’s a show about homebrewing, while homebrewing. A show about drinking, while making drink. Join us around a table, in a first for the Brewcast, a show recorded in the rain. Why not? The Gnome is joined by Andy Reynolds from Alexandria Brewing Company and Eric Tanner […]
  • Vol 02 – Episode 34 – Rhinegeist, Maybe You’ve Heard Of Them?
    There’s a little brewery that sits in OTR that everyone seems to chatter about a little bit, called Rhinegeist.  It seems crazy that it’s taken until the end of Volume 2 to finally sit down and chat with the brewery that is poised to become one of the biggest brewery’s in the country, and certainly […]
  • Volume 02 – Episode 33 – The Return To The Old Firehouse
    This episode is a follow to Volume 1 Episode 15, and a lot has changed since then (while a lot has still stayed the same too!)  We set up shop in the OFB taproom to record (and re-record) a show with owner Adam Cowan and to see if we can get a little glimpse into […]
  • Volume 02 – Episode 32 – The Big Cis Brewcast – Live at Braxton
    Mike started this show with a goal of bringing craft beer news, tastings, and interviews to people via their digital airwaves. He asked me to come on board, and I said yes without a moments hesitation. I didn’t know then how great of a friend he would become to me, and this craft community. We […]
  • Volume 02 – Episode 31 – The Barrel Aged Brewcast – On Location At MadTree
    Join us as we explore anything and everything barrel aged. We sat down at the wonderful MadTree brewing, deep in the heart of their barrel warehouse for a show that couldn’t happen anywhere else. What does it mean to barrel age something, and why in the world would you do it? We explore the magic […]
  • Volume 02 – Episode 30 – Live From Great Crescent In Aurora
    They are one of the hidden gems of the Cincinnati Beer scene, Great Crescent has been pumping out some delicious beer here in this city for longer than most of our craft breweries. Knowing that there were still a lot of people who didn’t know about them, and know about their story, the Gnome ventured […]
  • Volume 02 – Episode 29 – From The 19th Hole – The Brewer’s Open
    After a long day of golf, the Gnome sat down in the loudest room we’ve tried to record a show in to date. He quickly chatted with some of the people in the room like Jonathan Gandolf from Braxton, Brian Yavorsky from Figleaf and Tony Meyer from Dogberry. Of course, we grabbed show friend Chef […]
  • Volume 02 – Episode 28 – The Year of Urban Artifact – Live at Cappy’s
    We finally got the chance to do a show from the now legendary Cappy’s, and found ourselves sitting at a table with Bret Kohlman Baker and Scotty Hunter from Urban Artifact. What will make 2017 “The Year Of Urban Artifact” according to the guys? Lots of beer… lot’s of barrels… no loss of “weirdness”. Tune […]
  • Volume 02 – Episode 27 – Blank Slate, The Biggest Thing In Cincy Craft
    It’s our first time doing a show from the Blank Slate taproom, and we did it on the very first wednesday they were open. We talked to owner and head brewer Scott LaFollette about how things are going, and explored where they might be headed in the future. In a busy, and quickly changing craft […]
  • Volume 02 – Episode 26 – Light From The Darkness, Kickstarting Alexandria From Darkness Brewing
    It’s almost like we did two shows in one this week!  How else can you cram all the local happenings into one episode otherwise?  We hadn’t had a chance to sit down and chat with Ron and Eric from Darkness since they opened their doors a little over a month ago, so it was a […]
  • Volume 02 – Episode 25 – An Evening of Eating, Drinking, You Know… Nine Gianting.
    Cincy Brewcast wandered over to Pleasant Ridge to sit down for a show we’ve been looking forward to for a long time, Nine Giant. We sat down with Mike Albarella, Brandon Hughes and Chef Zach Breedlove for a chat about what makes this Giant tick. We drank some beer, including their new wet hopped ‘OSHY […]
  • Volume 02 – Episode 24 – Woodburn, It’s Great To Meet You.
    Tina and the Gnome showed up on The Woodburn Brewery’s doorstep with one mission, to figure out what makes them tick. They did that in the only way that they know how – by drinking their beer and talking with owners Chris Mitchell and Dennis Chacon. Covering topics from translating a German beer recipe to […]
  • Volume 02 – Episode 23 – Finding Figleaf, Brewing Company That Is
    It’s all fine and dandy to read about something, as I’m hoping you’ve done with my post from this weekend about FigLeaf – but what if you could hear about a brewery in the words of their owners?  Fear not, reader… you can! This week’s Cincy Brewcast finds me sitting in the FigLeaf taproom talking […]
  • Volume 02 – Episode 22 – Relax, Don’t Worry, Have Fun – At Fifty West
    The Gnarly Gnome set up shop this week with Blake and Bobby from Fifty West to talk all things Fifty Fest with the guys. The show started off, though with a discussion about Mike. After losing our fearless leader and show host last week, The boys from 50w managed to do a fantastic job talking […]
  • Volume 02 – Episode 21 – Night Marching Our Way Into Rivertown
    Setting up shop in the corner of Rivertown Brewing Company’s taproom, this show saw us sitting down with Lindsay Roeper to talk about a lot of different topics that involve the very busy Cincinnati Brewery. Of course, we talked about the 100% Brett Fermented Night Marcher, a tiki lover’s dream of a beer.  It’s packed […]
  • Volume 02 – Episode 20 – The Brewcast From The Brew Bus
    We loaded up our gear onto the Cincy Brew Bus, where we recorded on the bus, on the tour stops, and everything in between. Join us as we hopefully give you a glimpse into what it’s like to take a Brew Bus tour on this Special Edition of Cincy Brew Bus!
  • Volume 02 – Episode 19 – Bad Ass Brew Week Wrap Up
    We talk The Gnarly Gnome’s Visit to Devil’s Kettle Brewing where he meets with Cameron Fuller as well as Head Brewer From Jackie O’s Seth Morton and also with Sean White from the “award-winning” Little Fish Brewing and discusses Ohio Brew Week with Brandon Thompson as many of Ohio’s craft brewers come together to celebrate […]
  • Volume 02 – Episode 18 – Brew Week, Meet The Brewcast!
    It’s a long trip, but for some reason Athens still feels like home! Cincy Brewcast invaded the kickoff night of Ohio Brew Week to sit down with the city’s three breweries. We got to together to see what makes each of them tick and to have a look into a beer scene that is in […]
  • Volume 02 – Episode 17 – Cincinnati Burger Week 2016 With CityBeat And Braxton
    Burgers and Beer… They go together so perfectly! We sat down with Citybeat and Braxton Brewing to figure out why – and to talk about some of the great burger week events that are happening around town this week!
  • Volume 02 – Episode 16 – The Bottle Show
    A “bottle show” is a TV industry term which means that an episode of a scripted series takes place entirely on the main set of the show, without any location shooting, additional sets, guest actors or extras. That is what we bring you on this edition of Cincy Brewcast. We’ve spent the last couple of […]
  • Volume 02 – Episode 15 – Wrapping Up Beer Week
    We wrap up our exciting week of shows for Cincinnati Beer Week 2016 at Paradise Brewing Company in Anderson. We were joined by Eric from Brewer’s Buddy and Andy from Alexandria Brewing Company, and of course Jeff Graff from Paradise Brewing. We had a big conversation that ranged in topics but all centered around what […]
  • Vol 02 – Episode 14 – The Women Of Cincy Craft
    In this, our CBW 2016 “special edition”, we visit Incline Public House in East Price Hill’s Incline District for our “Women in Cincy Craft” episode. We are joined by Chris Nascimento, Cincinnati Beer Week 2016 board member and our star-studded panel of women in the Cincinnati craft beer movement: Kim Eddy, craft beer enthusiast and […]
  • Vol 02 – Episode 13 – Cincinnati Beer Week 2016 KickOff!
    It’s finally here! Time to Geek Out! Cincinnati Beer Week 2016, in it’s fifth big year has moved to summertime from it’s former mid-winter time slot and Cincinnati’s craft brewers have treated us with 5 summery styles to slake our hearty summer thirst. Joining us to talk about it are Chris Nascimento, CBW 2016 board […]
  • Vol 02 – Episode 12 – Groundbreaking Journalism?
    It’s two shows within a show this week on Cincy Brewcast. The first half we dedicate to news that happened on recording day–the groundbreaking for the new Rivertown Brewing Company brewery in Monroe, Ohio. We went out to Monroe and captured the sounds of the groundbreaking including interviews with Jason and Lindsey Roeper and Gamal […]
  • Vol 02 – Episode 11 – On Location At Hamilton’s Municipal Brew Works
    Our run of “big” shows continues as we visit our old friend Sean Willingham at his new brewery, the stunning Municipal Brew Works in Hamilton, Ohio’s Old Municipal Building (which at one time housed the Hamilton Fire Department, Police, City Offices, SWAT team–there’s even an old jail on the 4th floor!). We also make new […]
  • Vol 02 – Episode 10 – LIVE – Dogberry Expands! Nano No More!
    This week we visit West Chester, Ohio and the small but powerful Dogberry Brewing Co, owned and operated by Tony Meyer and Chris Frede. During our LIVE program, we help them announce their upcoming move and expansion. We discuss with Tony and Chris the reasons behind the big move, including the location that is much […]
  • Vol 02 – Episode 9 – Getting ‘RAW’ With Samuel Adams Beers
    In a “big” show that has been a long time coming, we are featuring The Boston Beer Co. and sampling some of their fine Samuel Adams beers. They are (if you didn’t already know) a big part of Cincy Craft–they brew on a large scale out of the former Hudepohl Brewery in OTR. We are […]
  • Vol 02 – Episode 8 – American Craft Beer Week, From The Gnarly Gnome Tavern!
    The gang has left the Gnarly Gnome alone, deep inside the Gnarly Gnome tavern to run the show by himself. Panic? The Gnome? Never… he calls on Blogger-friend Raging Hop to help make sense of all the American Craft Beer week info, and to drink a few beers from the safety of the subterranean shelter. […]
  • Vol 02 – Episode 7 – …Cincy Brewcast Selects..
    On this program, we revisit our 2015 Cincinnati “Craft Draft”, (Vol 1, No 6) and man, is it strange. We look at what we selected, what we put in, what we left out and, and maybe most importantly, what we would replace. Our 24 tap selections (plus our 6 beer “Taxi Squad”) is for sure […]
  • Vol 02 – Episode 6 – A Pils For What Ales You – Cincy Brewcast’s Pilsener-Palooza 2016
    Not feeling well? Have the “blahs”? The Craft Beer doctors at Cincy Brewcast prescribe “Pils For What Ales You” and suggests some quality “down time” at Pilsener-Palooza 2016. Yes it’s that time of year when the skirts get shorter, the days get longer and the beer gets lighter and colder. But don’t think you have […]
  • Vol 02 – Episode 5 – Issues And Answers
    In a show that hearkens back to some of our earliest days, yet utilizes some new and generally untested technology (at least to us) it’s a two- man show as Mike and The Gnarly Gnome sit and “shoot the bull” about Cincy Craft. The Gnome joins us remotely from “The Gnarly Gnome Tavern” via Google+ […]
  • Vol 02 – Episode 4 – Nano And Proud Of It, LIVE! At Fibonacci Brewing
    Cincy Brewcast joins Mt Healthy’s own Nano Brewery, Fibonacci Brewing to explore why owners Bob and Betty Bollas are so proud to be nano. They are nearing a year, and still have the distinction of being Cincinnati’s newest craft brewery. We sit down with them, along with a live audience to drink the beer, meet […]
  • Vol 02 – Episode 3 – “Gettin’ Quizzy WIth It” – Jonathan Klein Of Cincy Beer Quiz
    Tonight we have a really cool show–the Cincy Brewcast crew matches wits with Jonathan Klein, the quiz-master from the all-new “Cincy Beer Quiz”, which will hold its inaugural event at Braxton Brewing Co. in Covington on Wednesday, April 27 from 7-9 PM. Jonathan brings us questions from categories such as “Beer in Music”, “Hops ‘n’ […]
  • Vol 02 – Episode 2 – First Anniversary Show!
    It’s a first anniversary party on Cincy Brewcast! No, not ours, but three of the newest and fastest growing craft breweries in Cincinnati. First, we visit and do our show on location at Urban Artifact Brewery in Northside, where we are joined by co-founders Bret Kollman-Baker and Scotty Hunter. They discuss UA’s first year in […]
  • Vol 02 – Episode 1 – On Location From 50 West-ville with Blake And Bobby
    Our second year of Cincy Brewcast begins with an excellent episode where we finally meet with the guys from 50 West Brewing Co. Co-owners, Head Brewer Blake Horsburgh and CEO Bobby Slattery sit down and talk about all things 50 West–their brewing philosophy, the quest for excellence in both experience and product, their planned expansion […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 52 – A Legend Reborn – Wiedemann Brewing
    We are proud to offer, as our 52nd episode–yes, it’s been a year folks–our talk about the relaunch and resurgence of Cincinnati-area “heritage” beer brand George Wiedemann Brewing Co. We are joined by the driving forces behind their resurgence–and their big Kickstarter campaign–John Newberry (Owner and Founder), his wife Betsy and brother Doug. We talk […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 51 – LIVE! The Pleasant (Ridge) Hour
    In this program we are appearing LIVE at The Overlook Lodge (A Rustic Watering Hole) in Cincinnati’s up-and-coming Pleasant Ridge neighborhood. This “bedroom community” for skilled labor at former Cincinnati industrial stalwarts such as Milacron, LeBlond, GE Aircraft and more has fallen on some hard times–but visionary business people like Overlook’s founder and owner Jacob […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 50 – Gotta Catch ’em All – -Breweriana With BCCA
    Tonight we are joined by members of the Queen City Chapter of the Brewery Collectibles Club of America ahead of their 40th Annual “Luck ‘o’ The Irish” memorabilia exhibition and trading event, taking place at the CVG Airport Mariott Hotel on March 17th, 18th and 19th. “Beer Dave” Gausepohl, Steve Kirschner and Doug Groth bring […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 49 – On Location – The 2016 Cincinnati Beer Week Collaboration Draft
    Join Cincy Brewcast for all the pageantry and excitement of the 2016 Cincinnati Beer Week Collaboration Draft. The 21 participating Cincinnati craft breweries combine to create 5 teams which will brew 5 different 2016 CBW collaboration beers. We cover it all, from the relay race to determine the draft order, the picks themselves and the […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 48 – Bockfest, OTR And You!
    In this week’s edition of Cincy Brewcast, we step into history as we record at the Christian Moerlein “Malthaus” Taproom on Moore St. in Over the Rhine to talk all things “Bockfest, 2016”. We are joined by Steve Hampton of the OTR Brewery District Development Corp., the keepers of the Cincinnati Bockfest tradition, which will […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 47 – 3 Guys, Ei8ht Ball-LIVE!
    Join us as the Cincy Brewcast crew invades Ei8ht Ball Brewing, at The Party Source in Newport/Bellevue, Kentucky. We are joined by “3 Guys”; Head Brewer Mitch Dougherty, The Party Source Craft Beer Manager and mastermind behind nomad brewery “Quaff Bros.” Danny Gold, and Ei8ht Ball Taproom Manager and “Beer Ambassador” James “Peanut” Kahles. The […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 46 – The Godfather Of Cincy Craft – Mike Dewey From Mt. Carmel Brewing
    We are joined this week by “The Godfather” of Cincy Craft, Mike Dewey from Mt. Carmel Brewing Co. Over the past 10-plus years, Mike and co-founder and wife Kathleen have done it “their way”. Mt. Carmel has stubbornly stuck to a strategy of slow growth when all around them has exploded, and they continue to […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 45 – “They Might be Nine Giant” With Mike Albarella And Brandon Hughes
    In this edition of Cincy Brewcast we meet Mike Albarella and Brandon Hughes, the brother-in-law team behind emerging brewery Nine Giant, in Pleasant Ridge, Ohio. We talk to them about their brewing philosophies, the unique qualities about their “P-Ridge” brewpub and what brought them to this point. We also get from them a fairly committal […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 44 – Live With Greg Hardman, Eric Baumann And GCCBS At Moerlein Lager House
    From the beautiful Moerlein Lager House in Smale Riverfront Park in Downtown Cincinnati, it’s a very special Live edition of Cincy Brewcast. We are joined by the visionary Greg Hardman, who took a glorious, but dead name from Cincinnati’s brewing heyday–Christian Moerlein–and turned it into a powerhouse of the modern craft beer movement in Cincinnati’s […]
  • Volume 01 – Episode 43 – Madtree 2.0 With Jeff And Kenny
    It’s a big announcement, and one that warrants a special edition of the show – MadTree is not just moving, they’re expanding exponentially.  The brewery is making a move from their lowly, small warehouse into the massive 18+ Million Dollar MadTree 2.0 facility in the former Rock-Tenn industrial site  in Oakley. This wide ranging interview […]
  • Bonus Audio – Madtree Expansion August 2015
    To fill in some of the pieces about MadTree’s 2.0 expansion, here is some audio from the August 24, 2015 edition of Cincy Brewcast where Madtree Brewing Co.’s co-founder and head brewer Kenny McNutt speculates and even pre-sages some of the highlights of the expansion of Madtree Brewing Co, officially announced today, January 6, 2016.
  • Vol 01 – Episode 42 – The Craft Beer Resolution
    As we return to the “friendly confines” of the Cincy Brewcast Studios, high atop Mt. Carmel for our first show of 2016, we look ahead to the possibilities and the promise of a new year in craft beer. We taste what is very likely 2016’s first new beer release in Urban Artifact’s “Abacus” Cocao-Raspberry Gose; […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 41 – The Gnome Game At The Gnarly Gnome Tavern
    Mike invades “The Gnarly Gnome Tavern” for a “Gnome Game” with the “Man Who Is Synonymous With Anonymous”. The big man ducks his head to get on the elevator that delves into the subterranean enclave where “The Gnome” hoards beers and writes his blog posts. We drink beers from Firestone Walker (Paso Robles, CA), Sonoma […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 40 – The Holiday Spectacular!
    The Holidays are here and what better way to celebrate than with a smooth, complex winter ale from one of Cincy’s premier craft breweries–and the “Voice” of Cincy Craft, Cincy Brewcast! We once again are live Braxton Brewing Company in Covington, KY, and we bring so many of our friends in Cincy Craft together–both on […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 39 – The Midnight Special
    As the clock ticks on, there’s no rest for the Cincy Brewcast team as we pull together to get yet another episode out. This week, we’re still sitting down with Steve Shaw from Cellar Dweller, Eric Bosler from Darkenss Brewing and Sean Willingham from Municipal Brew Works, only this time we’re pouring a couple fun […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 38 – The Darkness From The Cellar
    This episode of Cincy Brewcast is kind of “up for grabs” as we welcome a well-established area brewer–Steve Shaw from Cellar Dweller Brewing at Valley Vineyards of Morrow, Ohio–and two from breweries that are coming online in the next few months–Eric Bosler, from Darkness Brewing in Bellevue, KY and Sean Willingham, from Municipal Brew Works […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 37 – Holiday Craft Beer Gift Guide
    The Cincy Brewcast team tackles the problem of what to get the Craft Beer lover who has everything…wait! The craft beer lover who loves gadgets, growlers, clothing, and, well, beer can NEVER have everything! From a craft beer card deck for under $4 to the “Cadillac” of craft beer gifts–the Pico Brew home brewing system–we […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 36 – Friendsgiving With Cincy Brewcast
    The Cincy Brewcast Family sits down for a “Friendsgiving” meal for the ages as we try to unravel the mysteries of Thanksgiving beer and food pairings. From Spiced Pecan appetizers with 50 West Willy-Nilly APA to Dessert with Cranberry-Walnut Cupcakes infused and paired with Madtree Pilgrim Pale Ale, Chef Jen Clawson and food expert Rick […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 35 – The Infamous One With Lite Beer And Hot Dogs.
    Despite his better judgement, Gamal Nagi from Rivertown Brewing joins us again in a whirlwind, madcap hour where Cincy Brewcast asks two age-old questions: “What’s the best tasting ‘Lite’ beer?”, and “Is a Hot Dog a sandwich?”. We come to a conclusion, if not a consensus on the first, and make no ground or convincing […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 34 – Rivertown Brewing With Gamal Nagi
    In one of the most fortuitous guest bookings in the histroy of Cincy Brewcast, we are joined this week by Gamal Nagi, Director of Relationships and Ideation at Rivertown Brewing Co., hot on the heels of the announcement of Rivertown’s major expansion to Monroe, Ohio. Gamal brings two of Rivertown’s flagship beers, Soulless and Divergent, […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 33 – Brewing In Paradise LIVE – -With Jeff Graff, Chef Tony And Ben Ramsey
    This week, Cincy Brewcast invades Jeff Graff’s Paradise Brewing and Supply on Beechmont Ave in Anderson Township. We are also joined by Chef Antonio of Cincy Beer Brats who brings his delicious food to share and a special surprise guest–Ben Ramsey, Head Brewer for Old Firehouse Brewing in Williamsburg. We talk with Jeff about his […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 32 – Clubbin’ With NKY HB Guild And Bloatarians
    Cincy Brewcast goes Clubbin’ with representatives of two popular home brewing clubs, NKY Homebrewers Guild and Bloatarians Brewers League with reps Eddie and Jon from NKY and ‘Hark Johnny’ from Bloatarians. We talk why it’s good for home brewers to join a club. Also, we talk equipment and the brewing process in “Beer School with […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 31 – Don’t Judge Me!! – BJCP Judging with Evan Rouse and Jody Grenert
    “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” Not to be sacrilegious, but though Christ turned water into wine, he wasn’t a Home Brewer. We meet two of the best in the beer judging business tonight–Evan Rouse, who’s day job just happens to be as Head Brewer at Covington’s Braxton Brewing and Jody Grenert, award winning home […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 30 – Blessid Union Of Hops With Urban Artifact And Ohio Valley Hops
    Cincy Brewcast gets a little horticulture, and a lot of “Wild Culture” as we welcome Ohio Valley Hops co-founders Dave and Nina Volkmann and the brewing masterminds of Cincy Craft’s most unique brewery, Bret Kollman-Baker and Josh Elliott from Urban Artifact. They have teamed together to create a “Blessid Union of Hops”, namely, Calliope, UA’s […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 29 – Home Brewers – The “Founders” Of Craft Beer
    Tonight the Cincy Brewcast team returns to the “friendly confines” of the studio and is joined by two outstanding local home brewers, Shayne Brammer who brews under the “Blue Hen Brewing” banner and Adam Stone, flying the flag for “Big Slam Brewing”. They relate the real-life stores of the triumph and tribulations of home brewing, […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 28 – LIVE At Kroger Oakley Station Growler Bar!
    The Kroger Company jumps into the Cincy craft beer growler scene with their new craft beer growler bar at their fabulous new flagship store at Oakley Station in Cincinnati. We are joined by Cincinnati-Nashville Craft Brands Manager Nate Wolejsza and “Adult Beverage Steward” Ryan Brock as we discuss Kroger’s commitment to craft beer in general, […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 27 – Live At Bad Tom Smith
    Mike and The Gnome invade Bad Tom Smith Brewing Co. in Cincinnati’s East End to get their fair share of “Bad Ass in a Glass”! We’re joined in the Bad Tom taproom by Head Brewer Eric Napier and Taproom Manager Kevin Lay, and on the all-new Cincy Brewcast “Hop-Line” by new owner John Vojtuch. John […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 26 – “Prost! – from Oktoberfest to JDub’s”
    Episode 26 saw The Gnarly Gnome, Tina and Angie left alone in the studio as Mike headed south for warmer weather. Rest assured, he sent in an interview that he did down at JDub’s brewing, and called in to make sure the studio was still in working order. We tried some fantastic Oktoberfest beers, and […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 25 – “Six Months!”
    The Cincy Brewcast team looks back on 6 months of shows! Our triumphs and failures, our favorite interviews and people, and where we want to go in the future! We have a special guest who calls in on our first phone interview and we drink some outstanding beers from Jackie O’s. Taft’s Ale House and […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 24 “Smokin’ – with Asylum Cigars At Jungle Jim’s”
    Why is a craft beer podcast doing a “LIVE” program at a Cigar Festival? Because two of the hosts of said craft beer podcast are also cigar ‘junkies’, that’s why! Add to that the fact that when it comes to food, beer, hot sauce and more, Jungle Jim’s ALWAYS knocks festivals out of the park, […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 23 “Summer Bonanza With Kenny And Lauren From Madtree”
    We are honored to be joined by one of the foremost brewers in Cincinnati, Kenny McNutt of Madtree Brewing on this edition of Cincy Brewcast. He is joined by Lauren Amos, Madtree’s Marketing and Events coordinator to discuss the Madtree Summer Bonanza, coming up on August 29, 2015. We don’t let Kenny and Lauren get […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 22 The Wild, The Ginger And The Bad Tom Shuffle
    On this episode of Cincy Brewcast, we are joined by John Bent, the Craft Brands manager for Chas. Seligman Distributing Co. in Wilder, KY. John will introduce us to Wild Ginger, the first American-made alcoholic ginger beer. We taste Wild Ginger on it’s own and in cocktails like the “Kentucky Mule”. Seligman also is the […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 20 “Founder’s Series # 2–Scott LaFollette from Blank Slate Brewing
    On this all-new episode of Cincy Brewcast, we are joined by Scott LaFollette, the mastermind behind one of the most innovative and popular Cincy Craft breweries, Blank Slate. We taste Blank Slate’s “Ryesing Up” rye saison and “Flourish”, his Agave-Lime Alt collaboration with Orchid’s at the Palm Court restaurant. He also gives us his “tell […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 19 “Eau De Hops” – Beers And Cocktails With Hopwater
    Cincy Brewcast drinks water this week. Wait, What!? But this is no ordinary water–this is Hopwater, the new craft soft-drink sensation developed by Cincy based 48th Parallel. Hopwater has burst onto the regional craft beverage scene with its unique mix of all-natural ingredients, featuring Zeus hops tincture, giving Original Hopwater its distinctive, hop-forward flavor. They […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 18 “Sausage Fest”: With Cincy Beer Brats
    It’s a taste sensation as CincyBrewcast welcomes “Chef Antonio” from Cincy Beer Brats to our first “Food and Beer” edition! You have seen (and probably tasted) Antonio’s delicious wares at their “Beer ‘n’ Brat” events at some of the Cincy Craft taprooms–the next one takes place July 24 at Braxton Brewing! Chef tells us about […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 17 “Ohio Hops, Craft Beer All Stars”
    In this all-new episode of CincyBrewcast, we drink All-Star and baseball inspired beers from Rhinegeist, Cellar Dweller, Braxton and Moerlein Lager House in honor of MLB’s 86th Annual All-Star Game, which calls Cincinnati home this week. We also talk to Dave Volkman of Ohio Valley Hops to learn all about the nascent Hop Farming movement […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 16 “From Cincy to the A-T-H–Ohio Brew Week 2015”
    Join Mike and Tina Cisneros as they make the scenic drive from the CincyBrewcast Studios, along Rt. 32 to Athens, Ohio, the home of Ohio University and of Ohio Brew Week 2015. Mike and Tina chat with Weston Lombard, Executive Director of the 10th Annual Ohio Brew Week and Board Member Jody Grinert. Hear how […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 15 “Old Firehouse Live!”
    Join the CincyBrewcast team as we take our road show to Old Firehouse Brewing in Williamsburg, Ohio. We talk to founder, owner and brewmaster Adam Cowan who in just 3 short years has taken OFB from dream to one of the fastest growing craft beer brands and destinations in Ohio. We try a wide range […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 14 “Birthday Beers And Brewery Openings”
    Join the CincyBrewcast team as we EXCLUSIVELY announce the grand opening date for Fibonacci Brewing in Mt. Healthy, including the original taplist, the opening times and much more from Cincy Craft’s newest entry! Also, we discuss our big “LIVE” podcast at OLD Firehouse Brewing in Williamsburg, Ohio on June 29. We taste Blank Slate’s SMaSH […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 13 “Bollas and sound clips and Spritz, Oh My!!
    Wow, what a crazy episode! We are testing some new audio clips and production methods, all while drinking! Maybe not a good idea…We enjoy Rhinegeist “Spritz” and “T-Rex” (both outstanding)along with Moerlein Handlebar Double Stout and Greenbrier Valley (W. Va.) Mothman Black IPA. We announce our next “Live” podcast, which will be held at Old […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 12 “Lazy Summer Sunday”
    The team spends a “Lazy Summer Sunday”. While The Gnarly Gnome remained secluded in his bunker deep below “The Gnarly Gnome Tavern” after his Live public appearance last week, Mike and Tina hold down the fort at the CincyBrewcast Studios. The Gnome filed two audio reports–his “From The Beer Fridge” tasting of two CIncy summer […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 11 – Live At Listermann!
    All roads in Cincinnati craft beer have been said to lead to Listermann Brewing Company, and that’s a statement that’s hard to argue with.  Listermann Manufacturing Co has been the leading homebrew supply store in the city since they first opened their doors back in 1995, so it only made sense that this episode of […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 10 Seeing the light of Darkness Brewing
    Join Mike, The Gnome and Tina as we meet Ron Sanders and Eric Bosler, the founders of Darkness Brewing in Bellevue, Kentucky. Ron and Eric are shooting for an early autumn debut, but they’re already in their space and brewing! Find out why some of what you may have heard or read (brewing only dark […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 09 Brewhaus Dog Bones
    On this, the latest edition of CincyBrewcast, we talk to Lisa Graham, the founder and driving force behind Brewhaus Dog Bones. You’ll hear the inspiring story of how she took an idea she got during a visit to a San Diego craft brewery and in less than a year has turned it into an amazing […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 08 Getting Personal, Ten Question Style
    This week the CincyBrewcast team answers “10 Questons” about themselves, unscripted and uninterrruped. Find out where we like to drink, what our favorite beer is, what our favorite sports are and more! Also, answer our “Question of the Week” for our new show segment “Asked and Answered”! This week’s question is “If you walk into […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 07 Cincy Craft…always growing and evolving
    On the seventh episode of CincyBrewcast, the team takes on beers from Old Firehouse, Madtree, Warped Wing (Dayton, OH, West 6th (KY), Saltwater (FL), and Sixpoint (NY). Mike, Tina and The Gnome also discuss Cincy Brew Week’s move next year from February to June, Cincinnati’s proposed open-container “entertainment districts), a much-anticipated expansion at Mt. Carmel […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 06 The 2015 Cincy Craft Draft
    This week the team tries 4 beers from throughout the region–Rivertown’s Insurrection DIPA, Listermann’s IdleMild English Mild, Jackie O’s (Athens, OH) Pilsaaz Pilsener and Great Crescent Brewing’s (Aurora, IN)Cherry Farmhouse Ale. Then, this being NFL Draft season, Tina, Mike and the Gnome dive right into our first annual CincyBrewcast “Cincy Craft Draft”, where we fill […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 05 – Wild, Tart and Delicious… Urban Artifact
    Join Mike, Tina, Gnome, and Scott as they talk all things Urban Artifact Brewing, including the EXCLUSIVE tap line-up for their Friday, April 24 Grand opening. We also taste three of UA’s new beers, talk with Co-Founder Brett Kollman-Baker and Brewer Josh Elliott, and discuss the newest attraction of the fast-growing cultural scene in Cincinnati’s […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 04 – Little Brewhouse…Big Flavors, DogBerry
    This week we head out on the road to DogBerry Brewing where we are joined by Chris Frede and Tony Meyer for our first “experimental” road show and live test. We try their beer, and talk about what makes DogBerry special in this Cincinnati beer scene!
  • Vol 01 – Episode 03 – The Founder’s Series-Mike Dewey from Mt.Carmel
    Join the CincyBrewcast team as we wrap-up our Braxton coverage, Meet Mt Carmel Brewing’s founder Mike Dewey in our inaugural “Founder’s Series” interview and we have news about Moerlein Lager House, Jungle Jim’s Founder’s Brewing pint night and self-serve beer taps at GABP.
  • Vol 01 – Episode 02 – Visiting the Braxton Brewing Company “Garage”
    On Volume 1, Number 2 of the CincyBrewcast we talk all things Braxton Brewing Co. as Mike heads to Covington to Interview Greg, Jake and Evan Rouse and Richard Dube ahead of Braxton’s much anticipated grand opening on March 27th. The Gnome brings the much-coveted Blank Slate Opera Cream Stout for tasting and Tina announces […]
  • Vol 01 – Episode 01 – The Road To Craft Beer, And Podcasts!
    What a journey!  The first episode of Cincy Brewcast explores how each of us got to this point in time.  Our fearless leader Mike Cisneros, Tina Cisneros, myself, the Gnarly Gnome and our fourth panelist Chris Kambouris.  We talk about what got us “into craft”, and what got us into this show.  We’ll explore what […]