Episode 40 – The Holiday Extravaganza

Cincy Brewcast Holiday Extravaganza Read The Show Notes Guests This Week: Jake Rouse – Braxton Brewing Company Jonathan Gandolf – Braxton Brewing Company Eric Bosler and Ron Sanders – Darkness Brewing Lisa Graham – Brewhaus Dog Bones Brian, Kathy, and Garret Hickey – Streetside Brewing Brandon Hughes – Nine Giant Brewing John Bent – Charles … Continue reading Episode 40 – The Holiday Extravaganza

Episode 22 – The Wild, The Ginger, and the Bad Tom Shuffle

On this episode of Cincy Brewcast, we are joined by John Bent, the Craft Brands manager for Chas. Seligman Distributing Co. in Wilder, KY. John will introduce us to Wild Ginger, the first American-made alcoholic ginger beer. We taste Wild Ginger on it's own and in cocktails like the "Kentucky Mule". Seligman also is the sole distributor in Northern Kentucky for Cincinnati's Bad Tom Smith brewery. We ask John about Seligman's reasoning behind handling the controversial brewers, who have been beset by quality and consistency problems with their beers. We also discuss the 'three tier system', the Kentucky law which saw a brewing giant and a local craft brewery become 'strange bedfellows', and much more. So join Mike Cisneros, The Gnarly Gnome and Tina Cisneros on this week's edition of Cincy Brewcast, "The Voice of Cincy Craft."