The timing worked out perfectly for this week’s episode.  The last time we were out at Rolling Mill Brewing Company, they hadn’t quite opened up yet. This time, not only have they opened up, but they’ve got a nice full tap lineup of their gluten free beer that we could try!  It just so happens that we’re now a week away from a fantastic beer event in Hamilton, called Hops In The Hangar, too.  While I already wrote about the event, I wanted to get some of the folks involved on the show to give you a little better peek at what to expect – in their own voice.

As expected… we drank a few beers and explored where the ideas came from behind them – we talked about hops in the hangar and just explored how Rolling Mill is growing into their place here in Cincinnati’s craft beer scene!

Guests This Week

  • Megan Laubach – Rolling Mill Brewing Company
  • Josh Laubach – Rolling Mill Brewing Company
  • Kara – Hops In The Hangar
  • Jennie – Ohio Valley Wine and Spirits

From The Beer Fridge

  • Rolling Mill Brewing Company – Two Goldens
  • Rolling Mill Brewing Company – Simplicity
  • Rolling Mill Brewing Company – 10-09
  • Rolling Mill Brewing Company – Bobette
  • Rolling Mill Brewing Company – Middletonian
  • Rolling Mill Brewing Company – Three’s Chaos

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