Cincy Brewcast is (obviously) a podcast that is dedicated to bringing you the people, the places, and (of course) the beer that helps make up our incredible local beer community. Every week the show features the latest beers, alongside the owners, the brewers and the drinkers from the breweries in our community.

Started in March of 2015 – we’ve seen a lot of growth, both as a show and as a craft beer community – but the basic backbone of who we are has only strengthened over time, and my goal is to showcase and help build that backbone into what I know it can be.

When I’m not recording episodes of this – I’m either recording episodes of my “other” show, called Drinking With The Gnome, or updating the blog over at to try to keep you in touch with drinking culture in this city.

I’m the Gnarly Gnome – and this? This is Cincy Brewcast, the Voice of Cincy Craft.